1. What is essexinfo.net?

    essexinfo.net enables community groups, voluntary organisations and parish & town councils to create websites without needing web skills or web publishing software.

    essexinfo.net is a free web service providing: 

    • free website space and tools to create web pages for community groups, voluntary organisations and parish and town councils 
    • a new interactive space for community groups, voluntary organisations and parish and town councils to share ideas, experiences and best practice
  2. Who runs essexinfo.net?

    essexinfo.net was developed as part of the Encore national project funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Ongoing support is provided through the EssexOnline Partnership, a partnership of organisations across Essex including local District and Borough Councils, Essex County Council, the Essex Strategic Health Authority, Essex Police, Essex County Fire Services and many other service providers and community and voluntary groups.

    The websites are created and managed by community groups, voluntary organisations, and parish and town councils who offer services to residents in any of the local authority areas within Essex.


  3. What are the benefits of registering my organisation on essexinfo.net?

    Registering enables your organisation to:

    • create a website
    • be listed in the essexinfo.net directory
    • be included in the essexlife database.
    • participate in discussions and online surveys
    • interact online with other community groups, voluntary organisations, parish & town councils and members of your local community
  4. Where can I send my feedback, comments and suggestions?

    We welcome feedback and comments to support@essexinfo.net

    To contact a community group, parish or town council click on the 'About Us' navigation link on their website.