1. Who can use essexinfo.net?
    Community groups and voluntary organisations that work with residents from any of the local authorities within Essex. Any Essex parish and town councils.
  2. What are the benefits of registering my organisation on essexinfo.net?

    Registering enables your organisation to:

    • create a website
    • be listed in the essexinfo.net directory
    • be included into the essexlife database.
    • participate in discussions and online surveys
    • interact online with other community groups, voluntary organisations, parish & town councils and members of your local community
  3. I'm interested but am I eligible to register?

    Community groups, voluntary organisations and parish & town councils can be included if they:

    • are geographically based, or provide services in Essex and its bordering local authorities: South Suffolk, East Hertfordshire and East London Boroughs
    • are non-commercial organisations or those providing some service benefit to the community
    • are national umbrella organisations with regional offices
    • provide accurate and full contact details
  4. I’m eligible, what should I be aware of?

    Your organisation must agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use before applying online

    All users must agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use during registration.

  5. What are the Terms and Conditions for joining?

    The Terms and Conditions of Use can be read here

    All users must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use during registration .

  6. How can I access essexinfo.net if I don’t have an internet connection?
    essexinfo.net can be accessed at all Essex Libraries or any internet access points.
  7. What equipment do I need to connect to essexinfo.net?

    HARDWARE: Minimum Recommended (Mac or PC)
    Processor: Pentium II (or equivalent).
    Memory: 128 Mb (Megabytes).
    Software: Anti-virus recommended to protect your own computer and others.
    Hard Disk: 20 Gb (Gigabytes) 
    Sound Card: For ReadSpeaker functionality or any audio media on the sites.
    Internet connection: A modem (such as a Dial Up or Broadband modem). You will also need to subscribe to an Internet
    Service Provider (ISP) to get access to the Internet. Some common ISP links http://www.ispreview.co.uk/list.shtml
    Email Account: You usually receive an email account when subscribing to an  ISP. Free email accounts can also be obtained online via the many suppliers i.e. www.hotmail.com , www.yahoo.co.uk
    Internet Browser: Firefox, Netscape , IE  If you are using Safari you may need to download Firefox - see link above.  Safari does not support Design Mode - a feature used by most wysiwyg editors.

  8. I run a group that is based outside the approved area but provides services within the approved geographic areas. Can my organisation develop a website on essexinfo.net?
    Yes, as long as your organisation provides a service to residents of Essex.
  9. Is there any guidance to using essexinfo.net?
    Yes. Look at the help link on essexinfo.net. You will find a seriesof help sheets which provide step by step guides.
  10. Who can I contact for help on using essexinfo.net?

    You can get help by reading through the FAQ's, looking at the Help or emailing support@essexinfo.net 

  11. How do I list my organisation in essexinfo.net's directory?

    There are two steps to getting your organisation listed in essexinfo.net's directory.

    • First register as an individual
    • Once you have registered you can log in and then apply to list your organisation and create a website
  12. Where can I send my feedback, comments and suggestions?

    We welcome feedback and comments to support@essexinfo.net

    To contact a community group, parish or town cpuncil click on the 'About Us' navigation link on their website.