1. What equipment do I need to connect to essexinfo.net?

    Hardware: Minimum Recommended (Mac or PC)

    Processor: Pentium II (or equivalent).
    Memory: 128 Mb (Megabytes).
    Software: Anti-virus recommended to protect your own computer and others!
    Hard Disk: 20 Gb (Gigabytes) 
    Sound Card: For ReadSpeaker functionality or any audio media on the sites.
    Internet connection: A modem (such as a Dial Up or Broadband modem). You will also need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get access to the Internet. Some common ISP links
    Email Account: You usually receive an email account when subscribing to an  ISP. Free email accounts can also be obtained online via the many suppliers i.e.
    www.hotmail.com , www.yahoo.co.uk
    Internet Browser: Safari 1.2+, Firefox 1.0, Netscape 7, IE 5.5 / IE6.0

  2. Can my organisation design its own website?

    essexinfo.net allows organisations to select from a range of designs and services (Events/Jobs/Photo Album/Discussions/Weblogs etc.) You can also create your own pages of information.

  3. Can I add my organisation’s logo to my website?

    Yes if you are the administrator of your organisation’s website. The system will automatically re-size the image for display, but the ideal size is 150 pixels x 80 pixels high and with 72 dpi. The format must be in gif, jpeg or png formats. Bmp format is not acceptable for use on web pages.

  4. I already have a web name/web address (URL) for my organisation. Can I use this instead of the essexinfo.net address?

    Yes. You can either redirect your essexinfo.net site URL to your own site within the 'Manage Website' area. Click on 'Use another website address'. Enter the URL for your website and set the 'Use External Site' to Yes.
    Or if you want to redirect your current website url to the essexinfo.net site just tell your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to redirect your web address (
    www.mygroup.co.uk) to your site on essexinfo.net e.g. www.essexinfo.net/mygroup.

    If you use Internet Explorer as your browser you will need to allow cookies from essexinfo.net to ensure all the features of the system work (Log In etc). Other browsers do not have this issue e.g. FireFox, Safari etc.

    To do this in IE5+ ...

    1. Click on 'Tools' in the top line of the browser
    2. Click on 'Internet Options'
    3. Click on the 'Privacy' tab
    4. Click on the 'Edit' button in the 'Web Sites' section
    5. Type in 'www.essexinfo.net' in the 'Address of website' section
    6. Click the 'Allow' button and 'essexinfo.net' will appear in the list of 'Managed Website'
    7. Click OK twice to close the selection


    You will now be able to Log In and use your site with your own URL.

  5. Can I just publish details of events?
    No, you must register and apply for a website and then enable the events service on your website to publish events.
  6. Who owns the copyright to the content of the community sites?
    The administrators of the community groups, voluntary organisations and parish & town councils are legally responsible for content. The administrator is the person who set up, and is responsible for, the running of the website on behalf of their organisation.
  7. What are my responsibilities as an administrator of my organisation’s website?
    Your are responsible for maintaining and updating the content of your website and ensuring that it conforms to the Terms and Conditions of Use for essexinfo.net. This includes ensuring that personal information is held subject to the Data Protection Act. You can only post content which you own, or which you are legally entitled to use.
    Information about the administrator’s role is also provided in the essexinfo.net 
    Help link.
  8. How do I list my organisation in essexinfo.net's directory?

    There are two steps to getting your organisation listed in essexinfo.net's directory.

    • First register as an individual
    • Once you have registered you can log in and then apply to list your organisation and create a website
  9. How do I remove my organisation from essexinfo.net's directory?

    Email administrator@essexinfo.net to request the removal of your organisation and state the reasons why.

    • Only organisation administrators can request removal
    • The essexinfo.net administrator will disable your website and also remove your listing from the Life database if you so wish
    • Websites will be disabled for three months and they may then be deleted from the system
    • You can email the administrator if you wish to re-enable your website within the three months
    • After three months data recovery may not be possible
  10. What happens if I think an organisation is posting inappropriate content on its website?
    essexinfo.net does not accept legal responsibility for content on the community sites. We will investigate and may suspend a site posting inappropriate content, pending any further legal action, or until the problem has been resolved. All members must comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use
  11. Will my site be found by the main search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo etc

    You need to submit your site to the individual search engines. Note: it can take time for your site details to appear in search queries.

    A good summary of how to submit your site can be found at http://searchenginewatch.com/webmasters/article.php/2167871


  12. Where can I send my feedback, comments and suggestions?

    We welcome feedback and comments to support@essexinfo.net

    To contact a community group, parish or town council click on the 'About Us' navigation link on their website.