Formed in 1975, the museum is governed by a committee of six or more including four Trustees and two officers, a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and is served by between 15 and 20 voluntary Stewards who between them assist with research enquiries and the indexation, display and storage of donated artefacts, documents and information.


Some of the committee members have also produced publications periodically relating to local historical interests and you will find copies of many of these for sale in the museum.


The museum is financially supported by the Parish Councils of Feering and Kelvedon and by your donations and purchases. We do not charge for admission and, with your help, we hope we can continue to avoid such charges.


How could I contribute towards the Museum's work?

If you are a local resident you could consider joining the body of Stewards who run the museum on a rota, with a three hour duty coming your way several times a year, on Mondays and Saturdays. Alternatively if you have skills appropriate to the developments of new exhibitions or repair of artefacts or an interest in local history topics that can be met by taking up a research project.


If you would like to get involved please contact the Secretary or talk to a Steward on duty when you next visit the museum.



Contact Information

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