About - Feering & Kelvedon Local History Museum

Formed in 1975, Feering and Kelvedon Local History Museum (along with the local library) is housed in the Ayletts building. The building itself is a piece of history dating back to about 1630.


The museum displays a host of items connected with the histories of both Feering and Kelvedon. Exhibits range from artefacts found in field walking and metal detection in gardens and fields dating from pre Roman times through to donations of more recent items and many then and now pictures covering every aspect of life in the villages from times gone by.


Displays are open to the public in one large room which is the main display area and several smaller rooms including the Sage Room. Documentary archives are kept in controlled conditions in a fourth room, the Wheldon Archive. Subject to proof of identity access to the archive is available under supervision of the Steward on duty.


The museum is open at the following times:

Saturdays 9.30am to 12.30pm all year around

Mondays (March to October excluding Bank Holiday Mondays) from 2pm til 5pm


Access is through the library entrance and entry is free. There is parking adjacent to the building. The address is:

Aylett's Foundation School

Maldon Road






Museum building


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Contact Information

24 Curlew Close
Kelvedon Colchester