What is in the museum?

Our displays are open to the public in one large and two smaller rooms. Visitors are also welcome to refer to the archives under the supervision of the Steward in attendance. The archive is kept under controlled conditions and whilst we cannot provide the resources of the records office or larger museums, nonetheless valuable information about individuals and community life in our villages of yesteryear may be found via our detailed indexing.


1. The Main Room predominately 19th to 20th century

A digital display rotating images of carnivals, A12 Bypass, village pubs, Felix Hall,Moores Buses, Mills, Railways, Kelvedon Fire Brigade, Bacon's and other local themes

Property History File research - Kelvedon & Feering Heritage Society

A Century of Change - then and now photographs

Charles Haddon Spurgeon - a preacher of note

Building and Architectural items and tools

Village Pump and Marler's Well

Kelvedon's Voluntary Fire Brigade

Schools and children's pastimes

The Great War and Second World War

Charles George Bacon and William Bacon - Service Medals

Capt. Frederick William Hunt of 19th Bengal Lancers Swords and Decorations 

Domestic Life - household items, ornaments and amusements.


2. Sage Room archaeology

Fossils and other prehistoric finds

Stone Age artefacts including flint axes, blades and scapers

Local Medieval Bricks including small objects from the Chantry House at St Mary's Lands

Roman pottery, coins and other small objects from Canonium 'The Place of Reeds'

Blake and Dunnett Collections - metal detector field finds from within Kelvedon & Feering.


3. Lobby Room Transport related 

Crab and Winkle Railway Line

Great Eastern Railway

Deal's of Kelvedon Garage

Moore's Bros. Buses.


The Wheldon Archive 

Photographs, literature, burial records, local history society Bulletins, Parish Council and many community groups records relating to the two villages. All records are indexed and stored on shelving within the archive and may be accessed under supervision. The facility to copy documents and photographs up to A4 is available at a small charge per copy.


 The following images from inside the museum to give you a flavour of the wealth of exhibits that can be found.


 agricultural items









Agricultural & seed growing






Building related exhibits














 Building related exhibits





 Roman exhibits  The Sage Room - Archaeology. Stone Age & Roman artefacts.

Household items














Household items from yesteryear

 Main display boards











Main exhibition boards - then and now photographs of the two village