A traditional Horticultural Show with many Flower, Vegetable & Fruit Classes to enable gardeners to exhibit the results of their toils in the garden or the allotment.

The cooks also have the opportunity to show off their baking skills by entering our Cookery  & Preserve Classes including a 'Men only' Class.

Flower arrangers can interpret the Floral Classes with all their artistic ability.

The Arty Crafty people can find one or more projects among our Handicraft Classes.

Last but not least we have several Junior Classes - up to 10yrs old & 11- 16 yrs old.

There is something to challenge every member of the family.

There are small monetary prizes to be won and various Trophies for the best in each Division and overall.

Schedules can be requested by phoning 01376 570139; or picked up at Club meetings.

This year the Show is on SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER

                       Show 2012 - Bread, cookery, preserves, wine etc


Show 2012 - carrots, peppers, beans