Below are the policies and publications which the Parish Council is obliged to make publicly available. Click on the relevant file link below for details. Briefly, these are:-

1.   Code of Conduct - The Council's Code of Conduct as adopted July 2016

2.   Financial Regulations - setting out how the Council manages its financial affairs

3.   Standing Orders - the rules under which the Council operates

4.   Freedom of Information Publication Scheme - The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires all parish councils to adopt a Publication Scheme which is approved by the Information Commissioner. The publication scheme sets out the types of information the council will makes publicly available as a matter of normal business routine. Much of this information will be shown on thiswebsite. Information can be supplied in hard copy on request, usually free of charge. Any information not on the website can be requested. For more detailed information on the Freedom of Information Act you can visit the ICO website at: www.ico.gov.uk

5.   Child Protection Policy

6.   Equal Opportunities Policy

7.   Complaints Procedures

8.   Statement of Intent on Training

9.   Procedure for Removal of Dead Dogs and Cats Found

10. Grant Application Form

11. Training

12. Grievence Policy

13. Social Media and Website Policy Communication

14. Recording of Parish Council meetings