Please note that the Parish Council have no responsibility for maintenance or administration of the properties in Rams Farm Road nor do we have any control over the allocation of this Housing.

However, in the interests of ensuring that this scheme is run fairly in the interests of local people, we have asked residents of Rams Farm Road to inform us if they are intending to vacate their property so that we can try to ensure all villagers are aware of any impending vacancy, by advertising it around the Village and on this website.

Additionally, you can register your interest with the Parish Council and we will attempt to inform you IF we become aware of any potential vacancies but this is entirely reliant on existing Rams Farm Road occupants passing this information to us (which they have no obligation to do). This does not remove the need to be registered with Colchester Borough Council as being in need of housing.

Please do not wait until a property becomes available to register as the timescales involved may mean that you would miss out on being considered if and when any property becomes available.


Rams Farm Road Vacancies/Properties Available - we do not have details of any vacancies at this time


If you want to be considered for any of the houses that become available at Rams Farm Road Fordham please read the Notices below.


Rural Community Council of Essex - How to apply for Affordable Housing


Eligibility and How To Apply