This 12th century church originally in the parish of Willingale Spain is a peaceful stop on the Essex Way.

Now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust, the Friends of St. andrews and All Saints encourage visitors to appreciate the serenity of this historic building.

Tours can be arranged by appointment by email



St Andrews Church in Willingale is a wonderful place to stop and reflect.

St Andrews is 900 years old and there is evidence of a wooden church before then. Steeped in history with no modern facilities.

St Andrews is a place to step away from the 21st century and take time out.


There are permanent displays on the history of the church and its use as a Parish Church for the USAAF in the Second World War.

Regular thoughtful displays can also be enjoyed such as this year’s harvest mice who took over! photos in album!


Lest Willingale Forget.


It is important not to forget the debt we owe those who gave their lives for us in the World Wars. As an act of commemoration and remembrance of the outbreak of the Great War the Friends of St Andrews and Willingale Community Archive ask you to come along to St Andrews and spend some time in reflection.


Sunday 3rd August between 2 and 5 pm

or Monday 4th August between 10 and 3 pm


                         Please come to St Andrews,

                                                           light your candle

                                                                                  and lay a flower as a mark of respect.


Rosemary represents remembrance, whilst white lilies represent purity and sweetness  or you could choose a flower from your garden.


There will also be an interesting display on those Willingale men who lost their lives. Over the last year Brian Rew has been researching the names and history of these gallant men and if you know of any relatives or have any other information please contact Dawn or Brian.



We love having visitors

Dogs, children and walking boots welcome!  Those who clean really don’t mind, as we want others to enjoy this special place.



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