Located adjacent to St Nicholas Church is the bural ground which is provided and administered by the Parish Council.

The Burial Ground is available both for new burials and for the interment of cremated remains and although it is available for anyone, preference is given to residents of the parish.

Access to the site is available at any reasonable time and any queries or concerns about the site or if you need help to trace a family grave or family burial records, please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance. There is no separate car park provided but there no parking restrictions on the roads adjacent to the site.


The location of the Burial Ground is shown on the map available here;


Mindful of the location, we are extremely grateful for the help and support received from the vicar and Church Wardens at St Nicholas Church.


To further assist, a copy of the current Regulations for the Burial Ground  may be viewed by clicking here


Application forms for the installation of a memorial on a grave or cremated remains plot is available here


An interement application form to arrange a burial or interment of cremated remains is available here


The current fees and charges for services is available here