Galleywood Celebrates 2012 Organising Committee

With 02nd June 2012 less than a year away, the organising committee met to connect , convey and convince, the many groups in Galleywood to join forces  to CONNECT and deliver the day of Celebration 02nd June 2012.

Each has agreed to share this message, Galleywood will Celebrate 2012 !, CONVEY the message to all in Galleywood to join our Parade and join our Celebrations on Galleywood Common 02nd June 2012.

The Organising Committe and you will CONVINCE Galleywood we have a community event to be proud of.

Congratulations on the creation of the community organising Committee and the appointments to the posts of Chair, Secretary,Treasurer, Publicity Manager, Youth Ambassador and Parish Council representative.
Chair:        Richard Hyland
Secretary: Joanne Kelly
Treasurer: Stephanie Troop
Publicity:   Louise Bruder
Youth:       Rosie Smith
Council:    Cllr John Turkentine
Council:    Cllr Neville Paul´╗┐