Noted here are selected local events/talks of interest and relevant events at Galleywood Heritage Centre.  Please note it is not a definitive list of all such talks and meetings. 
Please use the Useful Links to find out details of the host and event.
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GHS - Galleywood Historical Society talk - 8.00pm,at Keene Hall unless otherwise stated.
GHC - Galleywood Heritage Centre - talks are usually aftenoon doors open 1.30pm for 2.00pm.
ESFH - Essex Society for Family History - shows only meetings at GHC

  4th ERO - The House of Beaufort - talk by Nathan Amin (am and repeated pm)  
  8th GHC - Open Day and Book Festival - open weekend with short talks by local authors
11th GHC - Extraordinary women of wartime Chelmsford - talk by Tim Wander & Alan Pamphilon
12th History of Lodge's Coaches and the village of High Easter - talk by Robert Lodge
15th ESFH - London Metropolitan Archives (am) AGM/19th century Agriculture 1800-1870
18th GHC - Seductress, singer and spy - Regina Diana - talk by Viv Newman
19th ERO - Searchroom tour - booking needed
25th GHC - Essex Stories - talk by Elizabeth Woodcraft
27th Stock & Buttsbury - An Autumn in Bagdad - talk by Simon Robertson
29th  Historical Associaition - talk on Building Utopia in Purleigh by Vic Gray.

  2nd ERO - Eastbury Manor House - a remarkable Tudor survivor - talk by Pat & Barbnara Elliott
  9th ERO - Eastbury Manor House - a remarkable Tudor surviver (repeat)
  9th GHC - History of Galleywood, with evidence in 60 minutes! - talk by Chris & Les Whybro
20th ESFH - Open day
25th ERO - Searchroom tour- booking needed
25th Stock & Buttsbury - Family Law on 100 years of Reform - talk by Amanda Seaman
27th Historical Association - talk The divorce of Henry VIII: an untold story from the Vatican by Catherine Fletcher

  6th ERO - Home Counties Suffragettes - Gertrude Colmore & Gertrude Baillie-Weaver - talk
  7th AGM followed by Life as Lieutenant of Essex - talk by Lord Petre.  Followed by a 20th anniversary celebration.
13th ERO - Home Counties Suffragettes - Gertude Colmore & Gertrude Baillie-Weaver - talk (repeat)
17th ESFH Essex in London - Ancestral research (am) Hylands House in the Great War (pm)
18th GHC -' Remembering 1918' - free all day exhibition

Galleywood Heritage Centre 

Galleywood Historical Society works in partnership with the Heritage Team at the nearby Galleywood Heritage Centre, off Margaretting Road, The Common, Galleywood, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8TR.  Tel 01245 357700.  Galleywood Heritage Centre has a planned programme of exhibitions of images and using documents donated or loaned to the centre that illustrate and records Galleywood's Heritage.  All material is carefully scanned and indexed by either Philip Walters or Wendy Cummin.  This material forms the basis of the Galleywood Archives. These are used for themed exhibitions, lasting roughly six to eight  weeks.  If you are interested in researching your family history or have any interest in local history then please do visit the Heritage Centre and view the achives.  There is also a Tea Room.                                                      

For further information on the Galleywood Heritage Centre, please visit,uk

Displays in the Heritage Room

The Heritage Room is open Tuesdays 1.30-3.30pm and Sundays by priior appointment11.00am-1.00pm with the archives also being available by prior arrangement.  Contact Wendy 01245 250499

July & August - History of The Keene Hall
September & October - Stories form the racecourse

Walks and talks on the Common

There are 3 walks each of which is run several times dutring the year or groups by arrangement.
Galleywood Common - Galleywood Racecourse - Well Lane & Windmills.
- contact Phil Walters 01245 473191 .

British Association for Local History (BALH).

The Society is a member of this national group whcih also provides insurance cover for our activities.  More on the Association, its many publications and activities can be found at Individual membership is also available.