Village Hall


Village Hall


Secretary    Myra Quick  The Briarley, Church Street, CO9 3AX  01787 469246

Bookings Secretary   Sharon Flannery 07 873 238 095  (If unavailable please contact Chris or Stephanie)

Chairman  Chris Harman    01787 462 763  Beauchamps, Church Street, CO9 3AX

Treasurer  Stephanie  Prior


VH set for 46 2         VH set out for 46 diners












Pictured Village Hall set up for 46 Diners in main section


L shaped Main Hall and Annexe which can be separated by a partition,

kitchen, entranceway, toilets and rear coutyard garden

Maximum 100 people

Equipment includes:

48 indoor folding chairs on trolley hanger

50 bucket chairs in shed for indoor or outdoor use

2 Oval tables

14 Folding indoor tables on trolley

Heating £1 in slot meter

Power (kitchen and toilets water heaters, cooker, power sockets) £1 in slot meter

Exterior floodlights - front and rear.