Welcome to the Great Horkesley Residents' Association.

The quickest way to learn about the Residents’ Association is by reading our news section. Here you will find out about projects involving the Residents’ Association as well as news items and issues raised by residents of this village.

We are currently looking for volunteers in our News section to help with a number of small projects. For example, on behalf of the Parish Council, we need volunteers to walk the footpaths of Great Horkesley and report any damage and obstructions. If you wish to volunteer for this, and other projects, please contact us at the email address below.

If you have a suggestion as to how residents can work together to improve appearance and foster pride in our village, then please let us know. Any time you can spare will be useful.

If you wish to join the Residents’ Association, please email your full name and postal address to greathorkesleyra@gmail.com


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28 Tile House Lane
Great Horkesley