Our aims are very simple:

  • To inform the community of plans and activities that are likely to be of interest or concern;

  • Represent and voice the general interests, concerns and aspirations of the community;

  • Work with the Parish Council to identify and prioritise the wants and needs;

  • Encourage efficiency and effectiveness in local services, facilities and administration;

  • Encourage members to provide the Parish Council with knowledge, skills, and resources to enable projects to be successful;

  • To make representations to Colchester Borough and Essex County Council in support of the Parish Council’s concerns where it has limited powers to act;

  • To provide an oil buying service to obtain oil for residents at the best price available. This service, whilst operated by the Residents’ Association, is available to all residents of Great Horkesley.

 Read more about the Residents' Association on the Reference Material page.



To keep Great Horkesley GREAT!!