Local Issues

The Local Plan - Initial Round of Consultation September 2016

Local Plan - Summary of Consultation Results for Great Horkesley - Read this to know what residents of Great Horkesley said about the earlier version of the Local Plan.

Local Plan - Call for Sites

Local Plan - Langham

Local Plan - Marks Tey


The Local Plan - Next Round of Consultation July 2017

Consultation Guidance Notes

Final Version Preferred Options Consultation Version - Great Horkesley is on page 139

Use this link to make a representation - http://colchester.jdi-consult.net/localplan/


Supporting material that can also be found on the Colchester Borough Council Web Site. Not for the faint hearted!

Location of Proposed Sites

Key to Map

Full Publication Draft Local Plan

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Section One

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Section One - Non-Technical Summary

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Part Two

Draft Sustainability Appraisal Part Two - Non-Technical Summary


Statement of Representation Procedures (Regulation 19)

Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012

Document Title: Publication Draft Colchester Local Plan

Subject matter and area covered: Colchester Borough Council has prepared a Local Plan which sets out a vision, strategy, objectives and policies for planning and delivery across the borough. These are first set out at the strategic level across the North Essex authorities in Section 1 of the Plan, and then followed by more detailed information on Colchester in Section 2 of the Plan. Consultation on Section 1, as a Joint Plan, is being carried out in conjunction with Braintree and Tendring District Councils.

Period for representations: The period for submission of representations will run for eight weeks from Friday 16th June to Friday 11th August 2017. Representations should arrive no later than 5.00pm on 11th August 2017. Anonymous comments or comments received outside these dates will not be accepted.

Address details for representations: Copies of the Local Plan and its related documents are available to view, download and make representations on at http://www.colchester.gov.uk/currentconsultations. Making your representation online will help us to save paper and time. It will also ensure your comments are reported exactly as you would wish them to be.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to a computer you can use the following contact details to submit a representation, although we would encourage respondents to use the response forms provided wherever possible. Electronic copies of the forms can be returned: By e-mail to local.plan@colchester.gov.uk

Hard copies by post to: Planning Policy, Colchester Borough Council, Rowan House, 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester, CO3 3WG.

The Sustainability Appraisal is also the subject of consultation and if you wish to make any comments please use the Response Form provided http://www.colchester.gov.uk/currentconsultations and return it by e-mail or post using the details specified above. Please note there are two Sustainability Appraisals and supporting Non-Technical Summaries One for Section One and another for Section Two.

All valid comments received will be submitted to the Secretary of State and considered as part of a Public Examination by an Independent Planning Inspector. Please note any responses relating to Section 1, only need to be made once to Colchester, Braintree or Tendring Councils, as they will be processed together and duplicates will not be considered. Representations at this stage should only be made to the legal compliance and ‘soundness’ of the Plan. All representations should clearly specify in what respect(s) the Plan is considered to be unsound, and what change(s) would need to be made to make it sound. A summary of your response must be provided if the response is more than 100 words. Please note that copies of all comments will be made available for the public to view (including your name, but will not include any personal addresses or signatures), and therefore cannot be treated as confidential.


 Colchester Walk in Centre - Follow this link to have your say about Colchester's Walk in Centre.