Please email us at if you wish to volunteer for small projects listed on our Current Projects page.


20/5/2017 - Tidy Up of The Churchyard at All Saints

Eight volunteers from the Village and Little Horkesley spent a few hours cutting back nettles and shrubs and strimming away the tufts of grass from around the gravestones. Good humour prevailed and everyone seemed to just know what to do: and enjoyed some gentle exercise while doing it. Further work will be needed during the summer months and at any time to suit volunteers. Some of these jobs may require risk assessments and you should contact John Mehan by email or telephone (01206 271653) for further details. Otherwise please join us in October when there will be further work to be done to keep All Saints looking good and cared for.

All Saints 1All Saints 2 

All Saints 3All Saints 5

All Saints 6All Saints 4


16/5/2017 - Village Gates in Ivy Lodge Road

Residents of Great Horkesley, together with a resident of Myland, have completed the refurbishment of the Village Gates in Ivy Lodge Road. Kent Blaxill kindly donated the timber and all other materials were supplied by the Residents' Association. We thank all the volunteers involved and also the Parish Council for reimburseing the Residents' Association for the materials.

Ivy Lodge 1 BeforeIvy Lodge 2 Before

Ivy Lodge 1 AfterIvy Lodge 2 After


10/5/2017 - Colchester Recycling and Rubbish Collection Changes

In June 2017 Colchester's recycling and rubbish collections are changing. The Council are holding a series of Road Shows, where you can:

  • find out how the changes will affect you
  • collect your free recycling containers/bags
  • talk to an expert about what you can and can't recycle

Saturday 13 May from 9 am until 5 pm the Road Show will be at Asda Colchester Superstore, Turner Road, Mile End, Colchester CO4 5TU

Thursday 18 May from 11 am until 7 pm, Tesco Extra Highwoods, Highwoods Square, Colchester CO4 9ED

Friday 19 May from 11 am until 7pm, Asda Colchester Superstore, Turner Road, Mile End, Colchester CO4 5TU

Saturday 20 May from 9am - 5pm​, Tesco Extra Highwoods, Highwoods Square, Colchester CO4 9ED

Changes to Colchester's rubbish and recycling collections will be introduced from June 2017 to help boost recycling and cut waste.

The collections changes, which were agreed by Cabinet on Tuesday 20 December, include:

  • Introducing fortnightly collections for general rubbish
  • A maximum of three black sacks per household
  • Food waste will continue to be collected weekly
  • All other recycling collections are unchanged and residents should continue to use their existing recycling containers for paper, plastics, cans, glass, textiles, food and green waste
  • Free clear sacks will be delivered but residents won't receive free black sacks
  • Wheelie bin collections will be introduced into specific areas of the Borough. These Include:
    • Mile End
    • Greenstead
    • Old Heath and The Hythe (excluding The Hythe and Rowhedge)
    • Shrub End
    • Stanway
    • Berechurch
    • More detailed information for these areas will be available from spring 2017.
  • White garden sacks will now be free (from June 2017)
  • A second free green box is available so glass and cans can be separated (available now). Find your nearest pick-up point 

These changes will help boost the amount of recycling the Borough produces by focussing less on general waste and more on recycling and will be introduced in June 2017.

If you live in a flat and have a communal recycling and rubbish collection these changes will not affect you.

Until June 2017, you are encouraged to continue putting your rubbish and recycling out as normal and recycling as much as you can. What can I recycle and how?

Please click here to read more information in our FAQs.


9/5/2017 - Tough new rules will mean that the Council can fine litterbugs and irresponsible dog owners £100 increasing to £1,000, and a court prosecution if they fail to pay up.

From next Monday (May 15), community zone wardens will have the power to issue a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) to anyone who fails to clear up after their dog or who drops litter. Previously, littering could land people with a £75 fine and dog fouling could cost people £50. Failure to pay can result in a court prosecution and £1,000 fine.

Last October, the council introduced a borough-wide Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) against dog fouling, following a consultation with residents and local organisations.

The PSPO applies to all public land, along with all locations where the public has permission to access private land, and enables the council to continue enforcing against dog fouling following the repeal of the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

Litter enforcement remains under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The council says the minority of people who do not always clean up after their pet or who drop litter have a "disproportionately negative impact" onpeoples' enjoyment of the borough's streets and open spaces.

Dog Bin 

6/5/2017 - Ivy Lodge Road - Road Closed from 8th May until 9th June

Ivy Lodge Road Closure

2/5/2017 - Great Horkesley Freighter Schedule - 2017

This is a really useful service provided by Colchester Borough Council provided for residents. The Freighter is a dustcart, with an attendant, and you can use this service to dispose of small loads of household items, excluding items that can be recycled, which are not collected as part of our regular kerbside collection but garden waste is accepted.

You've missed the first date, but here are the remaining visits to Great Horkesley.  Saves time driving to Shrub End and queuing on a busy day.

24th June - Keelers Way 8.00 am - 9.15 am.
24th June - The Crescent 9.30 am - 10.45 am.

19th August - Keelers Way 8.00 am - 9.15 am.
19th August - The Crescent 9.30 am - 10.45 am.

For further information, click this link -


30/4/2017 - Spring Clean of the Coach Road Gates

Volunteers were out on Sunday 7th May, 2017 giving the Village Gates in Coach Road a 'Spring Clean' for the Summer. Vegetation has been cut back and disposed of and the Gates are providing a proud welcome to incoming traffic.

Coach Road Gates BeforeCoach Road Gates After

Putting the 'Great' back into Great Horkesley

Some of you have hopefully seen the work the volunteer group performed on the village gates in Coach Road. If not have a look here at the results Coach Road (it's a big file). It was a fantastic 3 hours work and we have a piece going in the Gazette soon and will update our members on the next phases of work and how they can help out.

Seating soon to be installed on the Open Space

The concrete bases for the seats and picnic table are being installed. The picnic benches are to be placed in the vicinity of the play area and the two park style benches are to be placed one near the St John’s Church end of the open space and one on the south east boundary of the open space approx. adjacent to No 14 Coach Road. Details of the types of seating and benches can be found below


The Local Plan

A number of residents contacted us during the consultation period that they were having issues using the online comments system. Having discussed this issue with Karen Syrett at CBC there will be another chance to comment on the Local Plan. Comments will be accepted online using the current system, by letter to CBC but also via their planning email address that we will publish at that time. So fear not you will have another chance to comment.


Fence surrounding the Village Green Tile House Lane

GOOD NEWS - Work on the fence is complete !!

Over the last 6 years the original fence posts surrounding the green have rotted away and are easily broken. Following a number of large areas being broken and open to potential vehicles entering the green, calls were made by members to Colchester Borough Council. The sturdier replacement fencing already replaced from the Village Hall halfway down Tile House Lane will now be followed around the rest of Tile House Lane and Elstar Lane. Work is due to commence before 29th August. A follow up email has been sent 31st August to Parks and Recreations officers for an update. The newest update being all fencing has been purchased with work starting on the corner of TIle House Lane and Elstar Lane w/c 12th September and with any luck all done by the end of the month


Landscaping of Green Areas

It has been noted that since the change of landscaping contractor for Colchetsrer Borough Council that the green areas have not been looking their best. Following several emails regarding the Open Spaces around the New Village Hall this has been noted and an improvement has been made with borders now being mowed within a day of the main centre sections. Please keep an eye on this and email us if you feel standards are slipping. The last cutting at the end of August on the main village green did not include borders and island areas - this has been flagged up with CBC. Please email us if you feel other ares are suffering from the change in CBC's contractor for looking after our green areas.


All Dog Owners – Please Take Note

Recently, Aldercar Wood Neighbourhood Watch received a message to say that a resident of Great Horkesley had their dog stolen from a garden fronting the A134. Previously, and whilst exercising the dog on the Village Green, someone engaged the owner in conversation, expressing an interest in the dog and where it and the owner lived.

Later the same day, the dog was found in Suffolk suffering from horrific head injuries. To see the dog, the owner has been travelling on a daily basis to Cambridge to an animal brain injury centre. The dog is recovering well and at home, but several operations and long term care will be needed.

We urge all dog owners in the village to be vigilant and to keep animals secure. We understood that there have been five similar incidents involving dogs in Colchester, all occurring at about the same time.


Tile House Lane Roundabout

It has been bought to the Parish Council's attention the dangers of turning right out of Tile House Lane onto the causeway, with many vehicles approaching from the left in excess of 30 mph. As there have been a number of accidents at this junction we have asked the Parish Council to contact Highways to see what can be done.