Oil Buying Club

Message from Dave Geary who runs our oil buying club.

The Oil Buying Club is now consistently beating local Buying Groups and on-line "Best Buy" sites, but our membership is dropping. We are now down to 184 members and this, combined with the very reasonable weather last winter, has meant the Club is buying less oil.

Fewer buyers and smaller or less frequent orders are hampering what we have to work with to get good prices; despite that, we still seem to outperforming other options.

Please could I ask you to mention our club to anyone you know in the Village and who uses Oil. I would really appreciate some help in whipping up some new members; be they new people moving into the Village or those who might not be aware they can save a few quid.

I get no personal benefit from running the Club, only cheaper oil like anyone else.

I appreciate Oil is currently relatively cheap and maybe our membership will sharply increase in the winter and/or if the oil price increases; however, there is nothing like preparation and with 184 members to help push, we should increase our membership to mutual benefit.

To join in the great savings of buying home heating oil in bulk - Please email
your name to davemgeary@live.co.uk

Each month you will receive an email reminding you that a bulk order is soon to be placed and an estimation of current prices.

If you require oil (minimum order 500 litres) you reply stating the number of litres you require, optionally the maximum price you are prepared to pay (including VAT).

When the order is placed, the chosen supplier will call you to arrange payment, confirm access details, etc.

An order will not be placed if the best price obtained is more than the maximum you were prepared to pay, then you will receive an email saying that your requirement was not included in the bulk purchase that was made: in this way, all risk is avoided by you, the Supplier, and the Buying Club.

All communication will be by email, because it’s quick and there's a clear record. A tanker holds 17000 litres, the closer we can get to this, the more efficient it is for the supplier and the better price we will achieve.

The Oil Buying Club takes no commission from you or the supplier. You get every drop of the oil you pay for.