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 Aircraft Noise

Good Easter Parish Council has received complaints from a number of residents about noise and disturbance from increased flights out of Stansted, particularly early morning and late at night.

A change in flight path routes introduced in February 2016 has led to a doubling of flights to the east of the airport on the Clacton route with many more flights across the north of our parish. The Civil Aviation Authority will review the changes 12 months from implementation. Stansted is currently operating at half its permitted capacity and when this level is reached we could see more than four times the current number of flights every few minutes during concentrated periods.

An informal group of local Parish Councils whose residents have been impacted by the changes have been formed to share information and to ensure a collective voice.

The Goal is to have the change reversed at, or before, the official change review. We need your help. Every single complaint counts and helps our cause.

If we don’t add our voice to the collective voice of other local Parish Councils there is a risk that flights could be rerouted over Good Easter with the resulting impact on the tranquillity we presently enjoy.

Please complete the complaints form available at

Using the form via the Stop Stansted Expansion web site allows your complaint to be noted and used in their arguments, whilst also being forwarded to the Stansted Airport noise complaint team.

Alternatively, you can write to: Noise Communications Team, Enterprise House, Stansted Airport, Essex. CM24 1QW





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