The Parish of Great Waltham is one of the largest in Essex in area, covering approximately 2,488 hectares (6,147 acres), but with only 2,100 residents is not densely populated. It consists of two villages - Great Waltham (also known as Church End), and Ford End, and four hamlets, Howe Street, Littley Green, North End and Broads Green.

The major activity is agriculture although it employs very few people these days. The majority of local workers commute to towns up to 40 miles away and to London. The M11, the A12, the A130, the A131, the A120, Stansted Airport and Chelmsford station are not far away. The parish is approximately 7km from Chelmsford

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Temp download - Ford End Average Speed Camera Consultation Survey 



Your parish council and Ford end Road Traffic Committee (FERTC) have been working over several years to address the speed, weight and volume of vehicles on the B1008 through Ford End village. We have pushed hard for all measures – having some success but thngs that impeded the flow of traffic such as build outs, raised kerbs, central refuges and road humps are not supported by Highways. Crossing points and a weight-restrictions have been ruled out for technical reasons. Therefore, we are now pressing for an Average Speed Camera system (ASC), which have a good reputation for ensuring compliance with speed limits. One of the steps in the process is public consultation. Every household in Ford End should get a survey form through their door. If not, you can download one here

These systems do not come cheap and we would need to look at various forms of funding.

There is more explanation within the survey doc. Once completed please return by post or by hand to:

Signpost Cottage – corner of Main Rd and Pleshey Rd, or

Lavender Cottage – corner of Main Rd and Back Lane

Closing date is end Sept.

Alternatively, email a completed form to 

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