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Winter Salt Partmership

During periods of extreme weather; such as heavy snow experienced in past winters, communities and individuals can do a lot to help themselves and others. Self-help is actively promoted as it is about communities coming together to help each other on a voluntary basis to target their local needs and build their resilience.

The Parish Council has signed up to ECC Salt Bag Partnership scheme which is designed to help local communities support themselves during periods of heavy snow and icy conditions. ECC delivers a free one tonne of bagged salt, to help the Parish Council organise volunteers to help clear and salt locations the Parish Council considers important in our local community, such as those estates with inclines e.g. Highfields, footpaths outside doctors surgeries, local shops and services and access routes to the school and bus stop. Salt bins have been provided in locations where the Parish Council feels they will be of most benefit to volunteers and the community.  The salt bins are checked on a regular basis but unfortunately due to the extreme weather the village experienced over the last couple of days the bins have been deplited but are scheduled for a top up. 

Water freezes when it reaches 0C. Salt mixed with water or moisture lowers this freezing point. The colder the temperature and the more water present, the more salt is required to lower the freezing point. The effectiveness of salt begins to lessen at about -3/4C, and by -6C the quantity of salt required to remove snow or ice becomes ineffective. A small handful of salt (approximately 20g) can treat approximately 1m/3ft squared of cleared surface. If snow and ice have already formed on the roads and pavements, then adding salt will not help because there is no direct moisture for the salt to dissolve into. Snow and ice must be manually removed first. Please note the salt should only be used after the snow has stopped and skies are clear.

Essex County Council salts the main access/exit routes into/out of the village on the A1017, North Road to Tilbuty Road and Lealther Lane to Little Yeldham.

This is a voluntary scheme and the Parish Council is not obliged to operate it. The Parish Council are always in need of  local volunteers to help us clear snow from the pavement and salt during the winter/icy conditions. If you would like to get involved please contact the Clerk.


Braintree District Council - Do It Online

We have recently launched a new area of a website called 'Do It Online' to 
help our customers easily access a range of Council services. Customers can 
pay, report, apply and register for services whenever and wherever is 
convenient for them from the front page of the website or from<

Customers visiting Causeway House will also have access to a dedicated 'Do 
It Online' area which has three self-service computers linked to the Do It 
Online section of the website along with the Gateway to Homechoice, Planning 
and Local Plan services and Essex County Council & Highway Services. 

This will be supported with campaigns throughout the year that promote our 
online services and encourage our customers to use them. 

A customer transacting their business online is cheaper for them and us and 
may be more convenient for those who are unable to visit us or struggle to 
make calls during the working day. Raising awareness of these services with 
our customers is important and we would appreciate your help to promote 
self-serve and make this campaign a success. 

Please take a look at this new area and give us your feedback. 


ECC Highway Enquiries – contacting us


As you may be aware the email address is closing from 19 April 2017 following the introduction of the improved Highways ‘Tell Us’ and ‘Check a Query’ web tools.


Although, we will no longer be offering a dedicated email address for Highway Enquiries, you can continue to contact us online in one of the following ways:


  • To report a new highway issue to us you should complete our online form to tell us  

(Please do not use other websites to report highway issues to us as these are not recorded into our system).


  • To review the status of a previously reported highway issues, by either a reference number or searching the location, use  check a query





If you currently use or sign post enquiries to  please can I ask you to redirect these to one of the above options. Anything sent after the 19 April 2017 will not be received or responded to.


Yours faithfully


Robbie Watson-Levey

Customer and Member Enquiries Manager

Corporate and Customer Services

Essex County Council



Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice of Stambourne Road 

Please click on the following link to find 
details of the closure of Stambourne Road, due to commence on 22nd March 
2017 for 8 days. The closure is required for the safety of the public and 
workforce while Essex County Council undertakes carriageway patching. 


Essex Streetworks Team 
Ringway Jacobs | Essex County Council 
3rd Floor, Seax House, Market Road, Chelmsford, CM1 1QH 



Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Return - Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016  see Parish Council, Annual Returns for full report.


Draft Local Plan 2033 please view pages under 'Public Consulation', 'draft Local Plan 2033' for copies of sites considered for development and consultation process.