The full parish council meetings are usually held on the first Monday of each month in the village hall. Starting time is 19:30. The public are invited but are only allowed to participate in the Public Session (normally starting around 15 minutes into the meeting).

2019 dates have been proposed as follows:

4th November

2nd December


2020 dates have been proposed as follows:

Monday 13th January (PLEASE NOTE: this is the second Monday of the month)

Monday 3rd February

Monday 2nd March

Monday 6th April

Monday 4th May (Annual Parish Council Meeting, followed by monthly meeting)

Monday 1st June

Monday 6th July

Monday 3rd August

Monday 7th September

Monday 5th October

Monday 2nd November

Monday 7th December


Click on the agenda item below for further information on what will be discussed. Note that the agenda will be published at least five days before the meetings