Planning Executive Meetings (P)

Councillors: David Broddle, Diane Wallace, Linda Shaw, Mark Weale, Gerald Dodson (Tree Warden)

To keep such developments uder observation and to ensure that developers are complying with current planning conditions. 

Meetings are normally held at 20:00 on the Wednesday during the week proir to each Parish Council Meeting and, if necessary, again two weeks later. Please click the agenda link at the bottom of this page for an update. 


The following info may be of use if you wish to interrogate the BCD Planning site yourselves 

How to view Planning Applications on the Braintree District Council Web Site

The link is: 

Then click on the “Advanced” tab.
Next scroll down to “Parish”, click the arrow on the right and now scroll down to “Hatfield Peverel Parish Council” and click on this.
Finally select the “Date Received”. It is suggested that, initially, you set the start date to 1st January 2015 and end date to the current date. This will give a complete list of Planning Applications received for Hatfield Peverel in the current year.

If you make a note of the Reference number of specific Planning Applications that interest you, then in the future, you can use this with the “Simple Search” to go straight to that application.