Working Parties' details

These are the current working parties with their associated terms of reference, frequency of meetings, and links to past minutes (go to bottom of this page):


Planning (P)

Note that this has a separate web page.


Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Note that this too has a separate web page


Burial Ground Extension Working Party (BG)

Councillors: David Broddle

To facilitate the purchase, and site preparation, of the new burial ground. 


Traffic (T)

Councillors: tba, Co-opted John Cockell.

To minimise and, if possible, reduce the impact of traffic on the village. In addition, to maintain an effective voice for the village in local and regional traffic decision making.

Meetings held once every two months

The link to the Traffic minutes is at the bottom of this page


Village Environment (E) - includes the KBMG (KB) and Burial Ground (BG)

Councillors: Ted Munt (Chair), David Broddle, Marel Elliston, Co-opted Peter Endersby, Lesley Moxhay, Gerald Dobson (Tree Warden)

To implement the Council's policy on community and recreational facilities, as well as considering the possible uses of open space.

Meeting held at 20:00 on the week Tuesday following the full council meeting

The link to the Environment minutes is at the bottom of this page


Keith Bigden Memorial Ground User Group (KB) 

Councillors: D.Broddle (Chair), Bowling Club reps, Football Club reps

To plan, develop and maintain the Wickham Bishops Road Recreational Area. To make recommendations for expenditure on improvements and maintenance


Community Park (CP)

Councillors: David Broddle, Linda Shaw, Diane Wallace, Derek Louis (ECC), Co-opted, Gerald Dodson, Mike Renow, Kevin Dale, Colin Giffin, Alan Ingram.

To assist in the delivery, and restoration, of the old Dannatts Quarry site and its subsequent development as a community park

Meetings held as and when required

The link to the Community Park minutes is at the bottom of this page


Finance & General Purposes Committee (FG)

Councillors: David Broddle, Ted Munt, Mark Weale

To assure the full Council that adequate policies and procedures are in place to ensure the financial integrity off the Council as laid down in Council Standing Orders. The terms of reference are found HERE

Due to the confidentiality of certain items discussed in this meeting, the minutes are not published on this website. However, they may be inspected via the office of the parish clerk.


Meetings held once every month.


Employee Review Group (EMP)

Councillors: Suzanne Evans (Chair),  Ted Munt

To monitor performance of employees of the Council on a regular basis and ensure that their employment rights are respected. The more comprehensive terms of reference are found HERE


Community Events Group (CE)

Mark Weale (Chair), Kevin Gallifant, Diane Wallace, Co-opted, Emma Cooke, Sandra Wiseman, Beatrice Davidson, Teresa Weale, Adrian Coombs, Peter Endersby

See separate webpage (Community Events) for more information (and the Photo Album for pictures!) Note that Mark is always looking for volunteers to help. Contact him on 01245 381726 or  


Please click on the links below to see the minutes from the above meetings.

Note that Working Party Minutes contain ideas brought to the council by residents and fellow councillors for discussion.  At this stage, these items are discussed in detail, but are not always recommended to full council for further discussion, or approval, as the Parish Council are restricted by limited resources.