We are please to inform you that the NDP was passed with a healthy turnout! Here is an image of the result of the referendum.

NDP Result


The NDP referendum will be held 28th November 2019. The official notice is HERE and the details of where you can vote is HERE.


Please see the latest version of the NDP following cganges made in Feb 2019 HPNDPFEB19


As at 10th May 2018 A six week consultation commences today, ending on Thursday 21st June, in relation to changes agreed between Natural England, Braintree District Council and the NDP team following completion of the Habitats Regulation Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment reports.

These changes can be viewed and commented upon on Braintree District Council's consultation portal.  The link is:


The proposed changes are in relation to Policies FI1 Transport and Access, HO1 Design of New Developments and HO6 Allocation of the former Arla Site.

 All comments received will be forwarded by BDC to the Examiner.


Note the date of next NDP Executive Committee Meeting is 20th Feb. See relevant web page (on left) for the agenda


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. All of our attention is being focussed on the Inquiry. However, this is the picture as at 22nd Jan 2018


The emerging NDP formed a large part of the evidence given by Cllr Mike Renow at the Call InInquiry for both Stonepath Meadow and Gleneagles Way.  The Inspector is waiting for items requested by him from the parties before formally closing the Inquiry.  He will then write up his report and recommendationsbased on evidence given at the 8-day public hearing heldjust before Christmas and his site inspections on the 3rd January, whichthe Secretary of State will then use in making his decision.


In September last year the NDP Examiner requested a Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA)report to be prepared which was finally submitted to Natural England on the 18th December.  Their responseis anticipated shortly.


A meeting has been arranged between the NDP group, our Consultant and Braintree District Council to agree what will be required to enable the examination to continue following receipt of the HRA report. The Parish Council is keepingthe Examiner informed of progress.


The NDP Executive Committee intends to hold a meeting on Wednesday 14th February to provide an update on progress.  This meeting will be advertised in the usual way by an Agenda being published so please look out for e mails, the PC website and notice boards.



Here is the AGENDA for the next NDP Executive Meeting to be held 25th Sept 2017


A big thank you to all of you who filled in the recent survey (see item below). Click CHART to see the report on the results.


Update 14th August

Supporting the Public Inquiry re Stonepath and Gleneagles sites

The NDP team under the Parish Council are currently assembling evidence for a Public Inquiry being held for two sites in the village, at Stonepath Meadow for 140 dwellings, and Gleneagles Way for 120, “Called in” by the Secretary of State. This “call in” is a rare occurrence.  The date of the Inquiry is still to be confirmed.

Outline planning consent was approved for both sites despite not being allocated in the emerging Local Plan and Neighbourhood Development Plan.

In his judgement to decline the appeal against refusal for 80 dwellings on Stonepath Meadow, the Inspector stated that the NDP “is material to the determination of this appeal……. and it provides a useful indication of the planning aspirations of the local community”. He afforded it significant weight.

Although the Plan has yet to go to an examiner, following Regulation 16 consultation which may result in changes, it obviously can make a difference. It has been decided to canvas support for the NDP and submit this with the evidence to the Inquiry. This needs to be with the Inspector by 8th September.

We are asking residents to sign a form to show support - (or not, as the case may be).

The form can be printed off (click on FORM) and posted in one of the collecting boxes at the: Co-op; Library; Upson’s Farm Shop; or emailed to hatfieldpeverelplan@gmail.com  by Saturday 2nd September 2017.

There is also a Survey Monkey option at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DDHPBXD


Update 19th July

The consultation period for Regulation 16 finished on Monday 17th July.  Comments can be seen on BDC's portal.

E mail comments were also received by BDC from developers, Essex County Council, Maldon District Council, Natural England, and a few others.  These need to be manually inputted on the portal which will take a few days.  BDC are also reading all the comments to see whether there is anything they need to be doing in the interim.

During the consultation period BDC called for bids for an independent Examiner and also made application to NPIERS (Neighbourhood Plan Independent Examiner Referral Service).  The Parish Council will be consulted in the appointment of the Examiner which should take place sometime during August. Once an appointment has been made, it is hoped the NDP can be submitted with accompanying documents and all comments received through the consultation without delay.

 If the NDP is found satisfactory on examination, the Referendum may take place during Autumn which will be organised by BDC.  It will be your opportunity to vote on the Plan for the future of the village. If more than 50% of those voting in the referendum vote ‘yes’ then BDC will adopt the NDP and it will become a legal document and form part of the statutory Development Plan for the Parish.


Update 4th June

As from tomorrow (5th), the consultation period will start, and it will last for six weeks until 17th July.

The link below will take you directly to the NDP portal if you wish to make a comment:


It can also be accessed via BDC’s website



Update 30th May

Well, it has taken BDC far longer than we had expected, but we are pleased to inform you that Braintree District Council will be publishing the Regulation 16 consultation on the 5th June for a 6 week consultation period concluding at 5pm on the 17th July.

A notice will appear in the Braintree and Witham Times on the 1st June, followed by the documents being made available on Braintree District Council's website. Documents will also be made available at the Library.

Braintree District Council are also aiming to go out to tender on the 5th June for an examiner through the examiner referral service.  BDC’s tender process is 4 weeks which will then leave the last 2 weeks of the consultation period to consult with the Parish Council and NDP group on the appointment of an examiner


Update 7th March.

Good news! The P.C. meeting 6th March ratified the decision to send the NDP to Braintree D.C. This will start the Reg 15 process.

The submission version of the NDP is HERE

The three other relevant documents are:

The site assessment (this is the Hatfield Peverel Site Assessment carried out in 2017)

The basic conditions statement 

The consultation statement

This LINK will take you to the folder where there are more supporting documents that you may find of interest.

Note that hard copies of all of the above are now available to be viewed, or borrowed, from the Hatfield Peverel library.


The next steps are that BDC will instigate the start of Reg 15 publicity. This should last six weeks and will enable the public to send in their comments. These will be sent to the examiner It is expected that the independent examination should take place this summer, with the referendum planned for autumn.  



Note the next EXECUTIVE Meeting will be held 27th Feb 19;30 in the LIBRARY - note new location.


NDP update 20th Jan 

The consultant has also now reviewed the Plan to ensure it meets with the basic conditions, and further slight amendments made.  The consultant has also drafted the Basic Conditions Statement, and the group have started work on the Consultation Statement both of which need to be ready for examination with the Plan.  All the comments received during the consultation period will be made available in the Consultation Statement.

The group anticipate submitting the Plan to BDC under Regulation 14 early March for consultation.

Thank you for your continued support to help shape the future for our village.


NDP update 6th January 2017

As you know the public consultation finished at the end of September last, and the policy writing team have since then reviewed the draft Plan from the comments received from residents and consultees. 

The draft Plan was accordingly amended, and a meeting took place with Braintree District Council on the 22nd November last to discuss those amendments. 

The Plan is now with our Consultant, and it is anticipated that it will be ready to send to BDC during this month for the next public consultation.

A ‘walkabout’ of the parish was held on Saturday 3rd December in order to obtain more evidence for policy HPE6 ‘Protection of Important Views’.  Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this via the survey and photographs.  The team will be collating this evidence for the data base over the next few weeks.

We have asked our consultant to prepare the Basic Conditions Statement but the Policy Writing team have drafted the Consultation Statement both of which need to be submitted with the Plan for examination.

Thank you all for your continued support, and wish you all a very Happy New Year.


Sat 3rd December

We need your help to provide more evidence to support Policy HPE6 ‘Protection of Important View’ that shows which views we as a community consider to be special and why? 

A ‘walkabout’ has therefore been arranged for Saturday 3rd December 10am.  We will meet at the library for a short talk before going out and about, and returning to the library at mid day for refreshments and carols.

Click POSTER for more details. Click SURVEY for the form that we would like you to print out and complete


Note that the Twelfth Stering Group Meeting is at 19:30 on the 24th Nov in the Village Hall. Click POSTER for more info


NDP Update 6th November 2016 


All the comments have been collated into a report. Pleasse click on the green link below to see the reg 14 summary. All the comments are being considered, and the draft plan will be changed accordingly. Thank you for your support. As we have already seen, the Neighbourhood Development Plan CAN make a difference. Note that further help may be needed on some of the environmental policies. 

Reg 14 summary


NDP Update 16th October 2016

The public consultation under Regulation 14 closed on the 30th September, and all comments have been collated for the Policy Writing Team to review the Policies.  This is your Plan, and would thank everyone who made comments on the draft. A copy Report on the comments received will be provided shortly.

Meetings are planned over the next two weeks to go through the comments and revise the Policies. Following this will be a meeting arranged with BDC on the 22nd November.

The Outline Planning Application for 80 dwellings on the meadow adjacent to Stonepath Drive was on the Agenda for the Planning Committee Meeting at BDC last Tuesday.  The draft NDP was acknowledged and considered by Councillors, and proved it's worth even at this stage.  The decision by Councillors was not to grant permission.

As we progress further the draft Plan will carry more weight, and therefore being considered by Councillors at this stage is encouraging for the future.

Thank you for your continued support.



NDP Update 1st October 2016

After all the ‘drop in’ events, workshops, visits to clubs, meetings with our consultant and BDC, and the tremendous amount of work carried out by the policy writing team, the draft Plan was finally ready for public consultation on Monday 15th August.  The consultation period was for six weeks ending on 30th September.   During this time the NDP group held two successful ‘drop in’ events on the Rec which we hope residents who visited found helpful.

Questionnaires were collected from the post boxes around the village during and at the end of the consultation, and also via e mail including comments from statutory consultees and developers. All comments were put into Survey Monkey, and the Polices are now currently being reviewed.  It is anticipated to have an amended draft Plan ready for our meeting with BDC on 22nd November.

The next step will be to draft a Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement to submit with the draft Plan to the Examiner in the New Year.

The group are looking for additional help with these documents.  If you enjoy carrying out research and feel you have some time available then, please do get in touch as soon as possible, to find out what is involved.  



15th Aug 2016 The Neighbourhood Development Plan is a very important document which will help residents shape the future development of the village.


The below gives you more information about the plan. Note that the consultation period for your comments on the draft Plan is now in progress, and ends on the Friday the 30th September.  If you have mislaid your Questionnaire enclosed with the August Review, you can download a further copy by using this link HERE.


Following the first drop in event held on the 15th August, the start date of the consultation period, there will be a further drop in on the rec on Wednesday the 21st September from 8.30am until 12.30pm.  Please make a note in your diary. It will be another opportunity for you to speak to the team.


 Front page

This is the front page of the Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Development Plan (HPNDP) Regulation 14 Consultation document. The Plan reflects the key issues facing the village and how future development in the Parish is to be shaped. The consultation is one of the important steps that the Plan has to go through. Comments made will be used to refine the document before it proceeds to Statutory Examination. The official title for this process is REGULATION 14 CONSULTATION and it will run from 15th Aug to the 30th September.

Your views are very important, and need to be captured, so a Public Consultation Questionnaire has been sent out to all householders via August's Review. Further copies of this questionnaire can be downloaded HERE. The post boxes for return of questionnaires are in the Library, Upson’s Farm Shop, Hadfelda Hair, Co-op, Maharaj, the dentist, Community Association Lounge bar and St Andrews Church Hall. They can also be returned via email to hatfieldpeverelplan@gmail.com.


The HPNDP Consulation document can be dowloaded by clicking on REPORT. Note that this is a 7Mb sized document and is 111 pages long so THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT! Reference copies are available to view at the Library, Community Centre, Church Hall and Dentist.


The following explains the HPNDP and breaks the document into shorter sections with easy access links. You may find this useful when completing the questionnaire. By clicking on the green underlined title for each of the sub-sections below, you will be able to upload the applicable parts of the HPNDP document.



This section says how the plan was developed; explains the legal status; how it reflects local and national planning policy and the engagement process with the Community.


Vision and Objectives

This section states what the Plan aims to achieve for the Parish up to 2033.


Hatfield Peverel Today/ Key Issues

This section sets out what Hatfield Peverel is like today. It shows the key issues highlighted by the Community in the engagement process under different topic headings:



Facilities and Infrastructure (this includes transport/communication links, community wellbeing, education and healthcare.)


Note that this provides the background from which the policies were created.


The Policies

This section shows all the policies in their topic groups with a short introduction for each one. This is the part of the plan that will directly affect planning decisions for the Parish. Each policy page shows the:

Key issue raised by the community

Policy objective

Policy itself

Justification and background evidence for the policy



This includes additional information to support the policies:

Local Green Spaces

Important views maps and photos

Traffic Hazards

It also shows the Non Statutory Community Action plan. This captures the issues raised by residents which cannot be addressed through the planning process.


Glossary and Abbreviations



Note that there will be a drop in event on the rec 15th Aug 14:30 to 19:30 for further explanation. Click HERE for more information. There will be a follow up drop in event on the rec 21st Sept from 8;30 to 12:30.










The current executive committee members are:

 Ted Munt (vice chair), Diane Wallace, Co-opted Stella Scrivener.


See below for upcoming meetings and links to further information.


Note that there are events planned to encourage local residents to find out more about the NPD. These are:

Wed 4th Feb 15:00 to 20:00 in the village hall.

A NPD drop in exhibition where you can find out more about what the NPD actually involves

Sat 21st Feb 10:30 to 13:00 in the village hall.

This is a NPD workshop where residents will be encouraged to express their views. Click HERE for more details

Fri p.m. 13th Mar at the school.

This is a session for the children ONLY. After all, it is their future as well! 

Wed 18th Mar 15:00 20:00 in the village hall.

This will be an exhibition run by the RCCE. They will be sharing the results of the recents workshops that have been carried out. Further comments and questions are welcomed!

Wed 25th Mar 19:30 Church Hall.

Review of where we are, and what the next steps should be (Vision and Project plan)

Thurs 2nd April 19:30 Village Hall.

This meeting follows on from the 25th and will involve the setting up of Steering Groups to move the process on further.

Mon 27th April 19:30 Village Hall

This is the second steering group meeting and will follow on from the 2nd April initial meeting

Thurs 7th May All day on the Rec

NDP exhibition (to coincide with polling day)

Fri 8th May 20:00 Village Hall 

NDP exhibition (to coincide with the C.A. AGM)

Sun 10th May Crix

NDP exhibition (to coincide with Ride for Helen event)

Weds 13th May 

Scouts workshop

Mon 18th May

Guides workshop

Tues 19th May 19:30 Village Hall Room 2

Third steering group meeting

Sat 30th May 10:00 Village Hall

Training session for the topic group volunteers

Fri 12th June 20:00 Village Hall

Quiz Night (funds raised will help the Hat Pev Cricket Club). Click HERE for more details

Wed 17th June 19:30 Village Hall Room 2

Fourth steering group meeting

Sun 5th July Last day to get your entries in for the photo competition

Sat 11th July Rec

NDP exhibition at the Party in the Park

Tues 21st July 19:30 Village Hall Room 2

Fifth steering group meeting

Sat 15th Aug 10:00 - 12:00 RCCE offices at Feering

A free coffee morning set up to meet with other NDP groups. See HERE for more info.

Tues 18th Aug 16:00 - 20:00 Village Hall CANCELLED!!!!

NDP exhibition involving the landowners and prospective developers. CANCELLED!!!!!

Wed 19th Aug 19:30 Village Hall

Sixth steering group meeting

Sun 30th Aug Crix

NDP exhibition (to coincide with Dog Day event)

Tues 29th Sept 19:30 Village Hall

Seventh steering group meeting

Sat 31st Oct 10:00 a.m. St Andrew's Church Hall

Design and Strategy Workshop hosted by the RCCE

Wed 18th Nov 19:30 Village Hall

Eighth steering group meeting

Tues 15th Dec 19:30 Village Hall

Ninth steering group meeting

Mon 21st Mar 19:30 Village Hall 

Tenth steering group meeting and executive meeting

Tues 16th Aug 19:00 Village Hall

Eleventh steering group meeting and executive meeting