Hatfield Peverel Development Neighbourhood Plan


The Parish Council approved the formation of the Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Development Plan Executive Committee (Meeting held on 01 December 2014)

This Committee, like other committees, will be open to the public as observers with limited time allocated to public representations. If you would like to make a representation, please contact Cllr Diane Wallace, preferably by email wallace.woolsmore@btinternet.com or 01245 381485 and preferably at least three days in advance. Any representation at individual meetings will be authorised by the Chairman Cllr Les Priestley who will allocate time for the representation. Minutes will be published on the HPPC web site. The purpose of the Executive Committee is to formulate plans and actions that will establish the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

We are limited by what we can do due to restraints on funding available from the Government. However, the willingness of unpaid Cllrs and others to work on this will ensure our success. Therefore we will shortly be calling for volunteers to help us in this work.

During the course of the development of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, there will be extensive consultation with the residents of Hatfield Peverel and Nounsley. This will be done in a variety of ways both formal and informal and in both large and small groups. The purpose of the consultation primarily will be to:

* establish the views of residents on a number of local issues

* convert these views into policies and actions

* incorporate the results of the actions and policies into the Neighbourhood Development Plan

Adequate consultation is a fundamental requirement for approval of the Plan so that it expresses the wishes of residents. An Independent Examiner will be appointed to examine the plan and once approved will then go out for Referendum. It will become a legal document with which Braintree District Council and developers will have to work with. It will also be used for future planning applications within the village.

 LP/Rev 0.1


Sent to The Review to be published in Feb 2015

Neighbourhood Development Plan


Do you want to have a say on how the growth of your village is managed in the future?

If so, why not get involved in the Steering Group to be formed under the new Executive Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee?

Braintree District Council produced a draft Local Development Plan. However, this was not submitted to the Planning Inspectorate as the Government now wants an increase in the original housing allocation. This means that there will be even more growth planned for the district.

Braintree District Council is now developing a New Local Plan, and to achieve its housing targets many Parishes will be affected by an increase in development. This includes Hatfield Peverel. Last autumn the District Council made a call for sites from developers and landowners, and approximately 300 sites across the district were received including 13 for Hatfield Peverel and Nounsley. The results can be viewed at www.braintree.gov.uk/callforsites

On the 12th January the new Local Plan Sub Committee of Braintree District Council approved the Local Plan Issues and Scope Consultation Document for public consultation. The consultation period is for six weeks and will commence on the 26th January. This is one of the first stages of producing a New Local Plan, and is the first stage of public participation.

The Parish Council is therefore taking the opportunity NOW to develop a Neighbourhood Plan that considers the needs of our village. In that process input from the whole community is needed to achieve that goal. When the Plan is made it will become a legal document, and will be used in planning applications by both Braintree District Council and the Parish Council.

There are 3 stages in the process of Neighbourhood Planning, and Milestone 1 is in progress now:

Milestone 1 An Executive Committee was formed under the Parish Council and an application was submitted at the beginning of January to Braintree District Council for Designated Area being the whole of the Parish of Hatfield Peverel and Nounsley. The six week consultation period will commence on the 22nd January.

Milestone 2 To prepare the Plan the Steering Group will over the coming year ask to visit clubs and organisations to bring to your attention the need to formulate a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the village and to obtain your views. Surveys will also be carried the first one taking place at the end of January which you are urged to complete and return. There will also be public meetings, workshops, drop in events, as well as the usual monthly Parish Council and Planning Meetings. The Review, and the Parish Council website and Notice Boards will keep you up to date with information.

Milestone 3 Examination of the Plan and Community Referendum

If you are interested in joining the Steering Group or are able to help out in anyway then please e mail wallace.woolsmore@btinternet.com 01245 381485 or les.priestley@springmancons.plus.com on 01245 380404