Here is the version of the Village Plan that was created in 2006. Note that the 2006 version did not carry the legal weight that the current NDP will have. Click on the green link below to open up the document


The Village Plan 2006


Note that when the Hatfield Peverel Village Plan was produced in 2006, the evidence to support the plan was compiled following a 2003 survey.  Whilst the Village Plan can form part of the evidence base for the current Neighbourhood Development Plan, it should be noted that:
 (a) all the information within the Village Plan is dated and so will require some work to refresh.  The survey was carried out in 2003, and there is more current census data now available.
 (b) not all the issues in the Village Plan would fall in the scope of the Neighbourhood Plan. Some issues are not relevant to land use and development (for example speeding) and some issues would be considered strategic (such as the Maldon to A12 link road).
The Neighbourhood Development Plan can, however, explore policies to address some of issues that were raised by the Village Plan. The following issues are those that could be included within the new NDP:
Concern over the aging population
Retirement homes
Design and character
Affordable (social) housing
Surface water drainage
Protection of open spaces
Protection of hedgerows and trees
Library, school, hall, churches, shops/businesses/pubs, seating/shelter
The above list is not exhaustive. You may wish to raise newer, more pressing, concerns that face the village.