The aims of the society are to promote all aspects of gardening from the smallest of front gardens, to the largest of plots, kitchen garden or allotment. Gardeners who also have a wish to show the results of their efforts in the twice yearly village shows are encouraged to do so. Help and support is offered to those who need advice. We as a society also organise some events, which are not directly connected to gardening but are fun.

The society has been going for a very long time, about one hundred and thirty years in fact, with breaks only during the time of the two world wars. Like all organisations it needs new faces and ideas, to keep it thriving and vibrant. If you have a love of gardening in any form please join and take part in the activities on offer.



Every year two shows are held, one in spring around the first Saturday in April and the other in early Autumn. There are classes for flowers, vegetables, fruit, cookery, handicrafts and photography; these depend on the season of the year.

A plant sale and coffee morning is held in the spring, the money raised from this event is used to support the two shows.



A garden walk is arranged, during summer, to a local garden within about twenty miles of the village, with members making their way to the venue in their own transport.

 If any entry money is asked for on these visits, this then goes' to charity.



 An all in garden themed holiday is arranged every year, with visits to gardens arranged on most days and also with spare time for sightseeing




                                              Membership secretary Trina Butcher tel 01245380532.

 For any information regarding the society please contact.           Mr C Emberson     







The 2019 Year Book is available to download. Please CLICK HERE 

The 2019 year book is available from Upsons when joining the society 


 To join the society please go to Upsons Farm Shop, at Ivy Barns Farm.

Fill in the form available at the counter, and after paying the joining fee you will receive a Year book and membership card.

After reading through the book please come to the events, and also enter exhibits in the the flowershows to keep the shows going into the future.



Please support the society again this year 



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