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28 March Update

Don`t foregt boys early start tomorrow - 0815 arrival with an 0900 Full English

Please remember to bring back your trophies! 


9 February 2017 - Handicap Update


Following the AGM the handicap system has been reveiwed in line with national CONGU calculations. The review revolved around the scale of cuts for higher and lower handicap players. For example currently a 28 handicap player who is cut one shot is cut 3.57% of their handicap, a 15 handicap player who is cut one shot is cut 6.66% of their handicap and a 10 handicap player who is cut one shot is cut 10.00% of their handicap. CONGU currently and always has reverses this and therefore as a society we should do the same. Therefore from this point on the following applies:

Handicaps 0 - 10 a cut = 3.5% of handicap

Handicaps 11 - 18 a cut = 6% of handicap 

Handicaps 18 and above a cut = 10% of handicap

Following a review of last years cuts the handicaps for Fynn Valley will appear on the handicap tab of the website




As a result of a very successful year there is no membership fee in 2017 for those who were paid up members in 2016. HOWEVER, if you would like to donate your £20 membership fee to this years charity please see Micky Dees and many thanks to those who do. Any new members would still have to pay the £20 but consideration is taken into account of the additional £5 venue fee


Caps and Beanies


Please note that Dan can get these for you at a cost of £10. Available are baseball caps in black or white or beanies again in black or white. Dan can also get tshirts, jumpers and bodywarmers so if anybody needs anything please contact Dan directly at or





Just a reminder that following the AGM the following posts are held:


Captain - Dave McManus 07964991448

Vice Captain - Rob Howcroft

Treasurer - Micky Dees

Secretary - Dan Howcroft


2017 Charity


It was decided at the AGM that this year we would support Southview School Witham. 


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Designed and built for the neurologically and physically disabled. Southview School is a 3-19 day special school for Physically and Neurologically Impaired

(PNI) learners situated in a modern, inclusive and accessible building in Witham.

It is unique in Essex Local Authority as the only special school exclusively for PNI learners. Southview School is staffed by a highly skilled and dedicated team of teachers, support staff and therapists who work holistically and collaboratively to provide a high quality learning experience for all their learners and students. By working with the school team, external agencies and parents and carers, they really do put the learner's holistic educational needs first! They are experienced in using a wide variety of equipment and technologies to support our learners, enhance their experiences and keep them safe.


The following link is to their website





There was a lot of debating at the AGM regarding this. Some say no chance and some say yes , so we have come to the an agreement of no more than 12inches. This means that in order to be consistant Gimmies ARE allowed in all groups but as stated no more than 12 inches (estimated and normally agreed by at least 2 players).




Wiltshire is once again booked for 2017. I am sure we would all like to thank Martin for organising in the past. Martin is currently in "retirement" but hopefully only short term.


However before leaving Wiltshire he did once again book on behalf of the society. The dates are Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October. In Martins absence I have offered to take up the organising on behalf of this years charity. More details to follow


Ready Play


Again at the AGM it was agreed to adopt ready play or GET ON WITH IT!



The term “ready golf” has been adopted by many as a catch-all phrase for a number of actions that separately and collectively can improve pace of play. There is no official definition of the term, but examples of “ready golf” in action are:


  • Hitting a shot when safe to do so if a player farther away faces a challenging shot and is taking time to assess their options
  • Shorter hitters playing first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters have to wait
  • Hitting a tee shot if the person with the honour is delayed in being ready to play
  • Hitting a shot before helping someone to look for a lost ball
  • Putting out even if it means standing close to someone else’s line but NOT on their line
  • Hitting a shot if a person who has just played from a greenside bunker is still farthest from the hole but is delayed due to raking the bunker
  • When a player’s ball has gone over the back of a green, any player closer to the hole but chipping from the front of the green should play while the other player is having to walk to their ball and assess their shot
  • Marking scores upon immediate arrival at the next tee, except that the first player to tee off marks their card immediately after teeing off


For full ‘ready play’ rules please see website



Competitions New and Old for 2017




To be drawn on first event your partner is yours for the year. The draw will be in two parts 1) Those who last year played 7 or more times or who we would expect to play 7 or more times this year (sickness and new members distort figures) will be drawn as pairs. All others will be drawn seperately again as pairs. The points acheived by that pair will be added together. For example, player A scores 20 points (result not stableford) and his partner B scores 10 then 30 is their score for that round. As per the "Championship" it will be the best 8 rounds. 15 points per player are awarded if one both player is missing. Both players missing - no score!   




At each event all your par 3 scores will be counted (stableford points) and will be added to our new competition, par 3 league , best 8 scores over 10 games




Best net strokeplay score. Best 3 rounds over 4 rounds (Gosfield Lake, Braintree (1), Burnham on Crouch and Cannons Brook (2)). Maximum shots per hole 10 , if you are heading to a high score or feel you are having a bad hole please put a 10 on your card and move on.




Best gross stroke play score , best 3 rounds over 4 rounds (same courses as Strokeplay Net). Maximum shots per hole 10 , if you are heading to a high score or feel you are having a bad hole please put a 10 on your card and move on.




At each event there will be a nearest the Captains score . Basically the nearest to Dave’s score wins. Exact score first,  if it's a tie on the same score then he will literally blind draw a scorecard. Otherwise it's the nearest score below his score.




At each event there will be nearest to the pin on the front 9 and also the back 9 , so there’s a chance to win 2 trophies.




For the "Champioship" we will be playing to the normal competition of best of 8 rounds of the 10 we will be playing.


For Sale


We now have a for sale page. If anyone has any golfing items for sale please let me know the details and I can add them to the page for you or 07964991448