A proposal to transform Hadleigh ( Castle point Essex ) town centre focusing on the island where the fire station and library are situated. This is an exciting and visionary project that will involve and include the whole community.

This proposal has been submitted to the Castle point Council for consideration but as far as I know has not been taken any further. It is still not clear what if anything has been decided as to what, if and when any regeneration work will start in the town centre of Hadleigh, Castle point Essex. 

 this is what the Castle point council website says abouth the subject:

Hadleigh Town Centre Regeneration

The Castle Point Regeneration Partnership is currently embarking on the delivery of a multi-million pound regeneration scheme for Hadleigh as detailed in the visionary town centre masterplan, completed in Summer 2011. Details of that ten point vision to transform the town centre can be found by downloading the masterplan here:

 Hadleigh_Town_Centre_Masterplan [pdf] 14MB

The Regeneration Partnership wishes to create a compact town centre with improved amenities and facilities that forms an attractive focus for investment. By creating a more vibrant centre, Hadleigh can be revitalised to benefit the broader local community of 18,000 residents.

Castle Point Borough Council is committed to the regeneration of Hadleigh Town centre. Whilst the masterplan has not been adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document, the masterplan is being taken forward on a project by project basis as opposed to a comprehensive approach.

If you have any questions regarding the Hadleigh Town Centre Masterplan, or regeneration in Hadleigh Town Centre please email business@castlepoint.gov.uk

 if you would like to leave a comment regarding the Hadleigh Firestation Project then click here:   http://www.essexinfo.net/heartofhadleigh/feedback/

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