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This project is at the proposal stage and is yet to be adopted by the coucil or the Christians of Hadleigh. go to "the story so far" tab for  more information:

This project is endorsed and supported by Hope Together



A Centre of Excellence, where there are real answers to real issues, where needs are met, where the Kingdom of God is demonstrated to ordinary people by ordinary Christians.





A Centre of Excellence, where people of all ages can build together a community which promotes Righteousness, respect, honour, friendliness, support, co-oporation, bridge building,

* Art, Culture, Exhibitions, history

* Music, drama book reading, story telling

* Shows

* Food & drink

* Drop in centre

* Citizens Advice

* Parent and toddler

* youth Centre

* Small ball games

* Climbing wall and Abseiling

* High energy Fun

* Practical life skills training

* Dropout drop-in

* Support and Help

* Facilities Venue

* Excluded - included

* Engage the unemployed

* make connections


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