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The project is at the proposal stage at the moment, the HOPE Together team has endorsed and supported the project, and had given great encouragement and help with the planning of progress of the project.


A solid foundation of prayer is crucial for this project to have any chance of working.

God has a plan and purpose for our lives and community, it’s up to us to know it and to be a part of what he is doing just like Jesus said in John chapter 5 verse 19 Jesus told the people: “I tell you for certain that the Son cannot do anything on his own. He can do only what he sees the Father doing, and he does exactly what he sees the Father do. The Father loves the Son and has shown him everything he does. The Father will show him even greater things, and you will be amazed. Just as the Father raises the dead and gives life, so the Son gives life to anyone he wants to.


So we too must do what the father is doing and not just have a “good idea” and make it happen with our own effort.


So to start the realisation of this project, prayer and seeking God’s will needs to be established. Only then will we see God’s perfect and good will bring real and tangible transformation to our community.

So if you want to see this become a reality then I urge you to start praying for God’s will and purpose to be made known to the Christians and church leaders of the community.


Prayer is the most significant action that we can take.

Mark 11:23 Jesus said.. “If you have faith in God and don't doubt, you can tell this mountain to get up and jump into the sea, and it will.”

posted 9th october 2010 

the old Fire Station located at the heart of Hadleigh


Hadleigh Farm in South Essex will host the London 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike Events. Hosting the events is a unique opportunity to bring the benefits of the London 2012 Olympic Games to Essex and secure a lasting legacy which will support cycling and sport, education, business, culture and volunteering in Hadleigh and the wider Thames Gateway South Essex area.

Essex County Council recently purchased the old Fire Station located at the heart of Hadleigh as a central hub for the town’s involvement in hosting the London 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike events.  The building will play a vital role in celebrating the London 2012 Mountain Biking events coming to Hadleigh and engaging the community.  It will also play a central role in initiating the revitalisation of the town centre. Consultation has begun for the uses of the old fire station that will also contribute to the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad prior to 2012.  Local residents living near the the future London 2012 Olympic Mountain bike venue can have their say on what community and cultural uses they would like to see at the renovated Hadleigh Fire Station, as a public consultation begins.

Located at the heart of Hadleigh, the old fire station will play a vital part in celebrating the town’s involvement in hosting the 2012 Olympic Mountain Biking event, and a central role in initiating the revitalisation of the town centre.

The public consultation is being launched as part of the wider regeneration of Hadleigh Town Centre, which are being led by the Castle Point Regeneration Partnership.

County Councillor Stephen Castle, Cabinet Member for the 2012 Games said: “The old Fire Station is a key landmark in Hadleigh, and being able to secure its future was very important to me personally, as well as all the partners involved in the delivery of the Olympic Mountain Bike event.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Hadleigh to gain a new cultural and community facility, so it is important that local residents take part in the consultation and tell us how they would like to see the Fire Station being used.

“The ethos of the 2012 Olympics is to provide a lasting legacy, and I hope that the renovation of the Fire Station will be seen by the community as part of this.”

Renovation work to transform the old Fire Station into a community hub is already underway.

 Following its vacation by the fire service there was a risk that the building would be sold off for development. However, Essex County Council, Castle Point Borough Council and other members of the Castle Point Regeneration Partnership have ensured that this highly visible building is secured and contributes to the regeneration of Hadleigh town centre.


posted on 26th Jan 2011

Work indeed continues apace with the Fire Station and a target open date of 15 March has been set by Essex County Council. This date coincides with it being 500 days prior to the Olympic Games.


It is proposed for a mixture of space to be on offer, from meeting and event rooms to artist studios, all available for hire.


 posted 17 May 2011:

 Hadleigh Fire station was opened as planned on the 15th of march and seems to be un-used at present there was an open event for the Olympic 2012 event held there on  13th and 14th May. as yet i have not found out how the fire station is planned to be used or who is interested in using it.

i understand that there is supposed to be a management company set up to run it but i have not found out who that is.

i also have hared nothing of how it is proposed that the fire station is used for the Olympics in 2012 


posted 23 July 2011

Following refurbishment this year, Essex County Council sought a managing tenant to run the Old Fire Station as a venue for the local community to use. The council has successfully appointed the educational charity Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art (ACAVA) to manage the building on its behalf.

ACAVA is now ready to accept applications to use the artist’s studios and register clubs and organisations for offices and hire of the community space. Artists will be offered a chance to preview the studios on Tuesday 21 June 6-8pm and Thursday 23 June 6-8pm – and have a deadline of 28 June 2011 to submit an application for studio space.

Duncan Smith CEO from ACAVA said; ‘We’re very excited at the prospect of running an arts and community centre in such a landmark building in Hadleigh. We are ready to get going and are immediately looking for community groups needing offices or to use the large appliance hall for meetings, events or exhibitions, and for local artists needing studios. We’ll be opening up on 28 June for all those who might want to hire space to come and see the beautifully refurbished station and what it has to offer. I very much look forward to working with the people who join us in the building and to welcoming the Hadleigh communities’.

Cllr Stephen Castle, Cabinet Member for Education and 2012 Games said; ‘It was extremely important to me that the Old Fire Station continued to contribute to the people of Hadleigh and that it was used as a venue for cultural and community activities. I’m looking forward to seeing the building given a new lease of life and become a vibrant space that attracts artists and local community groups alike’.


ACAVA was established in 1983 to support the development and practice of the visual arts. It provides studios for over 500 artists in 20 buildings mostly in London, technical facilities and training, and continuing professional development opportunities. It is a founder member of the National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers.

ACAVA, the Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art, is an educational charity. It develops and delivers a wide range of educational initiatives, aiming to promote the development of visual skills in relation to school and university curricula and beyond, to provide work experience and promote career development. To meet these aims ACAVA provides a comprehensive range of visual arts services, including the provision of studios and other facilities for professional artists, the mounting of exhibitions, the development of public art and community educational projects, training in the use of digital technology and a consultancy service



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