A proposal has been made during the public consultation of the "Site Allocations and Development Management Plan" for a new development within High Garrett.

The public consultation ended on 22nd Feb. and was used to obtain comments on the proposed allocation of land for future development. The plan once approved will specify where development can take place, from its adoption till 2026. Any land not included will be classified as "countryside" and any development would be strictly controlled to that appropriate for the countryside.

On the 21st Feb. a proposal appeared for the development of the land between Nos. 90 & 92 High Garrett. From the information supplied, it appears that BDC received this on or close to the 5th of Feb. but was not put into the public domain until the 21st ie leaving just 24 hrs for comments to be made!

I had been made aware of the possibility of this being put forward and have had some contact with the developer involved. I decided rightly or wrongly not to post unsubstantiated information on the site for your comments and wait until the proposal was formally presented.

The information presented for consideration is without very much detail. Although, even this information is currently unavailable from BDC, from some reason it appears all public comments have been removed from the web site! (whilst writing this I am also responding to emails from BDC regarding this matter, so it may have changed before I have finished).

I did, however, make a copy of the relevant information on Friday, this can be found at Proposal   -    Proposal Plan

I have also obtained additional information from the developer and this can be found at  Provisional Details

In essence, the proposal is to provide (at no cost to ourselves) a community hall with associated open space for the use of the residents of High Garrett. This is to be financed by the building of a quantity of affordable homes on the same site.

This is currently not a planning application but an intention to apply for one if the site is deemed suitable for development.

Several months ago I asked for your comments on what you would like to see any funding, from the MI community budget, spent on. The overwhelming response was for some community space and perhaps a little "tongue in cheek" a community hall.

The land proposed has never, as far as I can tell, ever been built on. Previous applications have always been refused. I believe mainly, as the plot acts as a green wedge between the old hamlet of High Garrett and the ribbon development on High Garrett road.

Certainly, if this were a planning application there would be many objections from those living close by and perhaps others, who have enjoyed the openness currently afforded by this area.

Those of you that would support the creation of such community facilities within High Garrett, should also consider if they are prepared to devote the time to their management, if they were to be built.

The days when District or even Parish councils managed community assets are long gone, they survive by volunteers, usually forming a registered charity to running the facility.

However, if you and others are prepared to do this it may lessen the impact on those living nearby and perhaps lessen the understandable objections.

It would seem to me, at the moment, that there would be no need to hire the hall out for non community events, weddings etc. like many others have to do, to survive financially. Certainly, if those living nearby were directly involved in its management its use could be strictly controlled to negate any possible problems that could arise.

The decision on whether this proposal, in principle, will be accepted will be made by the Local Framework committee at BDC, the date when this appears on the agenda is unknown. The time scales indicate for approval of the whole plan, by Council members, is May/June, which is followed by a further consultation period in June/July of this year.

Therefore, time to put forward your views is quite limited and I personally feel this information should be seen by all High Garrett resident’s. So with that in mind I will post the details on the public area of the site and ask you all to advise non-members of its existence and to put forward their own views.

The initial response’s received from you, whether for or against, will determine how to proceed.

So please get back to me as soon as you can and have your say before its too late.

As predicted BDC have got back to me the public comments can now be viewed at



Proposal is comment ID 519

For what its worth my response on the 22nd is copied below.

GOG4X Comment ID 519

The residents of High Garrett lack any formal representation at a Parish level. Consequently, any consultation, over matters directly affecting those living in the area, is not undertaken.

The proposal for a new development within High Garrett (Comment ID 519 – GOG4X) requires a considered response from the residents before any decision is taken.

I note, that the correspondence to BDC was dated the 5th of February, yet it did not appear on your consultation portal till the 21st. This has not allowed any time for a response, let alone a considered one.

The High Garrett Community Association, which in part, was set up to put forward the views of local residents on such matters and which is supported by our local District and County councillors, wishes to be fully consulted on this matter.

In the first instance, we would like an estimated date of when a decision on this matter will be taken. Secondly, we need a contact name at BDC so our views on this proposal can be fully considered, outside of the current consultation period.

It would be totally unreasonably for any decision to be made without adequate consultation of those affected by this development proposal.

It is the Community Associations view that 24 hours is not adequate, and any decision made at the moment, would be unsound.

Duncan Perry

High Garrett Community Association