We have recently been advised of a crime prevention web site. The author of the site is a recently retired Police Officer. The site is packed with useful information and is unique in having the first DIY Home Security Survey.

The site is partnered to several Police services, including Essex Police and various NHW schemes etc.

We are pleased to announce that The High Garrett Community Association and Neighbourhood Watch has now been accepted as a partner of this innovative site.

The site contains free, comprehensive and up-to-date crime prevention advice to help you improve your home and personal security and includes contributions from retired and serving police crime prevention staff, security professionals and academics.

We are lucky, in as much, that the Essex police force still have local crime prevention officers who will visit your home and offer any advice you may need. The "Crime Prevention Web Site" is not a substitute for such a personal service but a tool to make you, your family and your processions as safe and secure as possible. 

                                                                                                               So click it today                                                         


                                                                      and keep crime at bay