Trading Standards have recently been running a campaign about uninvited tradesman.

They have produced a sticker for people to use, if they do not wish to have this type of caller.






It states that it is a criminal offence to not leave, I have clarified this with the police and the actual situation is as follows.

There is no law preventing traders from entering a zone, however the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Practices Regulations 2008 makes it an offence for traders to conduct personal visits to a consumer's home and ignore the consumer's request to leave or not to return. The consumer, if they feel threatened, can report the incident to the police.

I have prepared a sign, which can be printed for your own use or a neighbours. In best Blue Peter tradition I will back mine with clear sticky back plastic with a boarder for applying to the window.

The sign is 8.6 x 6.0 cm.

If you would like me to send the file for you to copy please email me at

I can't find a way of including the full size image on the web site.





 Nominated Neighbour Card


This is a Brilliant idea.  

Police in Essex are rolling out the Nominated Neighbour Scheme, which assists in tackling bogus caller crime. Under the scheme, residents are encouraged to seek the help of a neighbour, friend, carer or relative in checking that unexpected callers to their door are genuine. When an unexpected caller appears at the door, the occupant is encouraged not to enter into conversation with them or open the door, but just to show the card, which directs the caller to go to the house of the nearby ‘Nominated Neighbour’ who is better able to verify the caller’s validity.


I am able to get the pack for you if you wish just drop me a line.




Message in a Bottle



(This name was chosen because of it's connotations with emergency i.e. shipwreck. The message to get you help.)
The new unopened plastic container will contain the following:

♦ 2 stickers, one to be stuck on the INSIDEof the main entrance to the  property (preferably above letterbox or the door handle ) and the other  to be stuck to the outside of the fridge door which will house the  plastic container.
♦ 1 folded form which will contain all the information required by the emergency services, if required. All the social and emergency services are aware of the system and look for these labels when called to you..

The  form, when completed gives brief details of the persons medical  condition, medicines, tablets and any other medical requirements thought  necessary by the emergency services. Other details given include any  commitments that the person may have, which may include such things as  pet care or child care before a parent returns home. Whatever details  you give, the more the better.

These 'Bottles' are free to any vulnerable person in Essex, simply ask your local Neighbourhood Policing Team or email me details on the home page and I will be more than happy to get these for you.