Holland on Sea Residents' Association

   Holland Collage


The Association, which first met 90 years ago in a garage, was set up to ensure that the needs of the residents were acknowledged and acted upon by the local and county councils.This work still continues assisted by three active Tendring District independent councillors nominated by  the Association and the actively supportive committee. Regular communication and social activities feature in the Associations work assisted by their own quarterly magazine and now its own website. Lively communication is encouraged from all sections of the community so that we act in concert with each other, and in strength, to achieve what is best for Holland on Sea and its residents.  If you would like to contribute an article to the magazine on any topic of local interest or concern, please contact the Editor (see details below).

Other groups we work with include:

Patient Participation Group Frinton Road Surgery.

Tendring Pensioners Action Group.

The Sladbury's Lane petition Group.

The Beach Hut Owners Association.


HRA Executive Committee

Hon. President: Brian Thomasson

        Hon.Chair:Verity Coulthard       

                                                                                 Hon Treasurer: Irene Vanner  

Hon.Secretary: Tony Rulten

Sea Fronts and Open Spaces:   Richard Walker

Planning: David Emmerson

Public Relations:    Verity Coulthard

Trade and Commerce:    Jill Rulten

Health and Well Being:    Rita Garnett

Social Secretary:   Brenda Bricknell

Highways  & Transport:   Jon Tilbury



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Contact Information

CO15 5DN