Stop The Shelling


A new campaign group has been formed to protest at the shelling undertaken by agents of the Ministry of Defence at the Shoeburyness firing range, near Southend.

This shelling causes excessive vibrations to property and noise pollution.

Unfortunately this has been going on for years – and despite people’s best intentions nothing has been achieved towards stopping this unnecessary disturbance on people’s lives.  The passing of the buck has to stop.

Many of the residents I serve and represent in Clacton East have raised this issue with me.  However East Clacton, Great Clacton and Holland on Sea are not alone in our suffering.  Other coastal areas of Essex and Kent are being forced to have to endure this misery.

The STOP THE SHELLINGcampaign will include the petitioning of: the Secretary of State for Defence; the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Essex County Council; Kent County Council; the various district councils; and the MPs of the two counties.

Are you one of the many people affected by this nuisance?

If so, please contact the STOP THE SHELLING ACTION GROUP by either: emailing me (with STOP THE SHELLING in the subject line) at or telephoning me on 07541 321275.


Colin Sargeant - County Councillor, Clacton East Division

serving East Clacton, Great Clacton & Holland on Sea


It is possible to obtain details of forthcoming activities at Shoeburyness by going to Schedule