Sladbury's Lane Farm Land Development

Letter published in Clacton and Frinton Gazette ~ 18th August 2016

ON AUGUST 9, more than 300 residents of Holland on Sea attended Tendring Council's planning committee meeting in the town hall, to support Holland Residents Association, and witness the committee discuss the application for 132 houses in the field to the north of Sladbury's Lane.

In June 2015 water from this field flooded six homes in Keswick Avenue and later flooded Sladburys Lane causing access problems for traffic and residents. On June 23 this year, knee-high flooding again blocked Sladbury’s Lane, and turned the bowling club, into a lake.

    As a 20-year resident, I was asked to speak against this development and was happy to support Councillor Colin Winfield of the residents association. One Councillor argued our case very well in refusing the proposal to build a new housing estate on green fields.

I was also very happy to see councillors on the planning committee have a full and frank discussion about the many issues surrounding proposals for this outline application for 132 houses, in a very non political way. Cllr. Gray then put forward a motion to refuse the application, and the committee, having given its full consideration, voted to refuse.

Not one committee member voted in favour of the application. This was a clear demonstration of all the elected members identifying the proposal was not appropriate in that location for very many reasons, not least of which was the fact that the land in question has always been zoned green belt in the previous Local Plans, and is not in the Local Plan Preferred Options Document, now out for consultation.

In my working life, I supported the view that social service can bring human beings closer together and promote friendship and affection. I’m now working with Holland Residents Association, as I know the work they do aims to support and benefit all residents. 


David Emmerson

Keswick Avenue

Holland on Sea



Holland on Sea Residents’ Association
Sladburys Lane
A Planning Application (15/01351/OUT)
has been received for 132 new houses (see overleaf).
Beware: this is purely an attempt "to get a foot in the door" - and if approved, will open the floodgates for a further 2,600 houses on the local green fields (the 'Green Gap' between East Clacton and Holland on Sea)– and a population explosion of 6,000 plus with it.

Will there be:
 Sufficient number of GPs to cope (the current GP numbers are inadequate)?
 Sufficient Surgery buildings and rooms?
 Strength in Sladburys Lane road and bridge to carry the increased weight of traffic? (which could result in the road being closed off altogether)
 The public transport services to support the new houses and roads?
 The drainage and sewers to cope with the increased population (when in recent weeks they have proved they can’t cope now!)?
 Sufficient school places to cope with the increased demand?
 The hospital, police and fire services on hand to deal with increased demand?
 The sources of employment to ‘pay the mortgages or rents’?

Planning Committee, Town Hall (Clacton), Tuesday, 9th August at 6pm

(Council Chamber, Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley, CO16 9AJ)

If many people give their intentions to attend, it is probable this would be switched to the Town Hall

You can help the cause by:

1. coming and hearing HRA oppose this masss development

- we need to convey that the weight of local opinion is totally against this development; AND

2. writing letters of objection (to: on the basis of:

Previous decisions on the same site or in comparable circumstances;
Design, size, appearance and layout;
Effects on amenity, loss of light, overshadowing, loss of privacy, noise or odour nuisance;
Impact on trees, landscape, nature conservation, listed buildings or conservation areas;
Highways safety, traffic and parking.

* Minibuses (free of Charge) will depart at 5:30pm for the Town Hall from six points: Keswick Avenue; The Roaring Donkey; junc Slade/Ip[swich Roads; junc. Fleetwood/Grenfell Aves; Holland Public Hall; and Brighton Road car Park. Please ring 07541 321275 or visit Colin's Barbers to book a seat.

Holland on Sea Residents’ Association Local and independent

- together we can protect our village.



To download a copy of the leaflet please click the following link: SladburysLeaflet.pdf