We should like to remind members of Jaywick Local History Society that their Membership is due for renewal and will commence from the 1st September 2017. Contact the Membership Secretary on 01255 475535

The Committee has agreed that the Membership fee is to stay the same  - £5.00 per person. Admission for Non-Members is £2.00 per meeting so your £5.00 Membership with free admission is even better value. 

The Society would like to encourage new members, if you know of any residents who have recently moved into the area or friends who may like to come along to our talks please let them know.



The visit to the Roman Circus at Colchester on WEDNESDAY 16th AUGUST 2017 was a great success. Please visit the 'Photo Albums' page to see how we got on. 




As from 7 June 2017, this is the official site of Jaywick Local History Society replacing our old one at ''.

The 'Gallery' has now been replaced by the 'Photo Albums'. Many more pictures will be added in due course. 27 June 2017.

This site is currently under development so do pop back from time to time to see it grow.