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Hire Rates and Conditions -





There are two rates for the hire of the hall facilities based on

whether you are a Parishioner  or a Non Parishioner 

Please click the appropriate link for the current hire rates from

1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018


To be entitled to the Parishioners rates your Club or

Association must have an active membership of not less than

50% residing in Galleywood.


Subject to the discretion of the Trustees, Registered Charities

will be given Parishioners rate.



Hire Conditions -

In these Conditions, the Trustees of the Keene Hall Charity,

Galleywood are referred to as “the Owners” and the person(s)

hiring the premises are referred to as “the Hirers”.

All Hirers should read the Standard Conditions of Hire  before

signing the hiring agreement.


What to do on the Day of Hire -


Information for hirers, safety precautions and emergency

procedures to be observed and general information for hirers

on the day of hire is detailed in the leaflet -

Opening and Closing of the Keene Hall