Hunt Memorial

 Hunt memorial

The picture shows the very first Hunt Memorial erected by the family


The Hunt Memorial was erected by Captain Hunt's family after his death near Ypres on 31st October 1914. The Memorial (as you can see from the above photograph) was a large cross made from locally made blocks. The Memorial was taken down in the 1960's after the local vicar felt that it was unsafe. Up until this point, the Memorial had been used by Feering residents as their War Memorial. Blocks from the Memorial were used as foundations for other buildings in Feering. Several local buildings were constructed from this type of block.

The remains of the Hunt Memorial - which are included in this new Memorial - were discovered in Glebe Gardens by Kelvedon and Feering Heritage Society when planning a Summer Walk in 2010. They were then being used as paving slabs. The Society felt that the Memorial should be reinstated in a more modern format suitable for the area and arranged with Feering Parish Council for the slab to be taken up and put into safe storage until such a time as the Society could raise the funds necessary for a new Memorial.  

It was always the intention of the Society, if at all possible, to rededicate the Memorial in 2014 as part of the World War One anniversary.

The Society is grateful to the following for their support of this project:

  • The Community Initiatives Fund
  • Hunnaball of Witham / Janet C. Davies of Kelvedon for all their help with the Memorial
  • Kelvedon and Feering Heritage Society
  • Ridgeons
  • Granville Homes
  • Peter Best Insurance
  • Tom Foster
  • A local resident
  • Greenfields for allowing the Memorial to be sited on their land.

The photograph below of Captain Hunt is part of the larger picture.

Captain F W Hunt

Captain F.W. Hunt

Large picture containing Captain Hunt

The larger picture containing Captain Hunt 


The regimental badge of the 19th Lancers is inscribed on the Memorial.

History of the 19th Bengal Lancers (Fane's Horse):

1860 raised by Liet Fane as 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)

1861 became 19th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry

1864 became 19th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry (Lancers)

1874 became 19th Regiment of Bengal Lancers

1901 became 19th Bengal Lancers (Fane's Horse) 

1903 became 19th Lancers (Fane's Horse)

1922 amalgamated with 18th King George's Own Lancers to become 19th King George's Own Lancers

1947 allocated to Pakistan on Partition

Their Battle Honours include: Taku Forts, Pekin, Afghanistan 1878-80, Ahmed Khel.

Fanes Horse Silk

Fanes Horse Silk


Sergeant George Fairclogh of the 4th Hussars kept a diary during the first few months of World War One in which he mentions Captain Hunt twice:

Monday October 19th  to Friday October 24th - "I went out with Captain Hunt and three men to burn two farms in front of the trenches. We were afraid of the enemy getting hold of them. It was distasteful work, everything looked so neat and comfortable - good furniture etc. I went upstairs while Captain Hunt and men kept watch. I poured kerosene over the floor and set it alight. The place was burning all night, by morning nothing but ruins was left. There must have been five or six hundred pounds of stuff including barns, hay etc."

Friday October 30th - "We had a terrible time and had to retire to the second line of trenches behind the canal - the enemy brought up a dozen heavy guns and blew what was left of Hollebeke to an atom. The church was knocked to the ground and they then commenced to shell the trenches and we had to crawl away. One shell hit the machine gun trench killing Lt. North. Captain Hunt went in and brought him out, then went back in to fire the gun. The enemy put five shells into the trench blowing both Captain Hunt and the gun to pieces. I had to go back afterwards and cover him up."

It is not known what exactly happened to Captain Hunt's remains after this but it is thought that they might have been repatriated to India as he was still down in the War Office records as being with the 19th Lancers. Certainly his remains did not come back to this country and it is the reason why his family erected the original Memorial. 

The following images have been kindly supplied by Captain Hunt's family.

Captain Hunt shortly before being shot in jawF W Hunt on polo pony 1

 F W Hunt Christening mug


This Christening mug was from F W Hunt's Godfather but no one knows why the date was wrong.