Planning Matters

The Society always tries to keep an eye on planning matters and if anything comes to notice such as inappropriate changes to or use for a building or maybe concern on possible over development of a site then contact is made with planning authority. In some cases such as the Rivenhall Waste Facility representation is made in person and also in conjunction with other local groups.

Local Plan

Braintree District Council is preparing a new Local Plan which could allocate enough housing land to double the size of Kelvedon & Feering. This is of great concern. The link here will take you to the Braintree Council Planning pages where you will be able to view the timetable and current stage of the process along with related document: Braintree Local Plan

Kelvedon and Feering are also in the process of developing Local Plans. A number of villagers have formed a working group to assist with the process and have created a dedicated website which you may wish to view and also offer assistance and views on various aspects. It can be found at

Crown Estates - Feering Development proposal

The Crown Estates (a Government based organisation) own parcels of land in our villages including an area behind the houses along London Road Feering (Gore Pit). In October 2015 they commenced a consultation process aimed at building 190 houses on this land. Significant concern has been raised both because of the scale of the development with difficult vehicle access and also because they appear to have been premature as this area of land is not currently shown within the Local Plan and it would set a precedence. They have previously sought permission for the building on 900 houses in the area.  


The Campaign Against Urban Sprawl (CAUSE) is an organisation concerned with the amount of growth being targeted at our local area with particular reference to the 'new town' at Marks Tey. The Society has been liaising with the group and more details can be found via the link to their website CAUSE

Further information on transport and infrastructure matters can be found the webpage 'Transport & Infrastucture' access on the left tabs.

Further information will be added to this page as it becomes available. If you would like to know more on these matters please email the Secretary