Property History Files


The committee found that there were a number of occasions when questions had been received from the owner of a property about its history or maybe a planning application when the committee knew there was something of note for the property but did not know the details. So the concept of Property History Files (PHF)was born. 

So what progress has been made?

For the old properties in Kelvedon much had been written but for Feering it was more sparse. The original idea was to simply have a record of where certain properties were mentioned be that a book or publication or in the Listed Building Register. It became clear that this alone was a mammoth task if only because there were so many books or documents to read and in turn some properties had the same name eg Old Timbers, Bridge Cottage, Walnut Tree Cottage and so care had to be taken to ensure the right information related and in turn cross references added especially where some of the properties have a shared history as maybe they were one house at some time. Some form of record now exists for almost every old property (and many news ones too) for both villages. Some have a wealth of details but some scant.

Can I see the records?

The Property History Files along with copies of the National Monument Audit report sheets from  are now in Feering and Kelvedon Local History Musuem for all to view.

This remains very much an on going project, with additional properties constantly being added to the records and existing records updated.

If you would like to know more about the project or even have any old documents or information on any of our village properties please contact Mrs Anne Townley (details can be found on the contact page)

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