Blooming Beautiful


“Blooming Beautiful Competition 2011”



The London Road Garage Rose Bowl for the Best All Year Round Garden

Trophy - Gold Chris Wood

Silver Gilt 31 Heron Road


The Doughton Bowl for the Best Summer Garden

Trophy - Gold Jack Burmby

Silver Gilt Mr & Mrs Hackworth


The Anderson Cup for the Best Drought garden

Trophy - Silver Gilt Kelvedon Library


The Spenceley Plate for the Best Container Display

Trophy - Silver Gilt Mr & Mrs Perry

Silver Mrs D Hagger


The Old Bob award for the Most Unusual Container

Silver Gilt 7 Swan St


The GA & J Raison Vase for the Best Newly Established garden

Not Awarded


The Colin & Janice South Trophy for the Best Allotment - High St

Trophy - Gold Mr & Mrs C Wood

Silver Gilt Derek & Anita Ambrose


The Take Two Hairdressers Rosebowl for Best Community garden

Trophy - Silver Easterford Pre-School


The Skingle Cup for the Best Shop Window display

Trophy - Silver Gilt Charlotte at Deli@56


The Bhavani General Store trophy for Best Commercial display

Trophy - Gold St.Dominic’s Care Home


The Frank Siggers Cup for the Best Pub or Club display

Joint Trophy - Silver Gilt Labour Club and Conservative Club


The Marshall Plate for the Best Spring garden

Trophy - Silver Gilt 10 Tern Close

Silver Gilt 21 Bittern


The Peter Aves Trophy for a Judges Discretionary award

Trophy - Gold Easterford Masonic Lodge for work

on Grounds, new wall etc


The Hinds Rosebowl for Allotment at Stoney Flint

Trophy - Silver Gilt - Mr & Mrs Smy


We are often asked ‘why can only the front gardens be entered in the competition?’  The answer is that we have to encourage residents to put on a display in the front of their houses so that when the village is judged as a whole by Anglia in Bloom, the impact of  private floral displays complements the Kelvedon in Bloom planters and makes a better show