Our Planters




 Our Planters




We have received £10,000 from Awards for All to provide new planting containers and new seating, a litter bin and a pop-up shelter.    The cash injection will enable the group to raise standards. ‘We were aware that many of the barrels, that were purchased by the Parish Council for our group to plant in the High Street, are past their best and need replacing and the new containers will look so much better as well as providing the opportunity for more imaginative floral displays, especially as we have ordered enough to spread further around the village, not just in the High Street’ said  Lesley Hill, ‘In addition we wanted to improve our water conservation so all of the new containers have inbuilt water reservoirs.’

         Our new planters are now in place and planted.





 Kelvedon in Bloom has planters

along the High Street, we also

plant and help to maintain, along

with householders, the Kelvedon

Parish Council planters.





 Planters start at Bobs Bed at the

far South end of London Road to

the planters and Barrier baskets

at the station.



 And include a group at the north

end of the High St sponsored by

 Colne Office Supplies.

 We are very proud that Many

businesses take part and plant

tubs, hanging baskets or plant

permanent flower beds to

complement their premises.
















 our new planters are now out and planted.