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Telephone: 01376 570285

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About the Kelvedon Parish Council web site

We have a web site that describes the parish council and its business, plus information about the village of Kelvedon itself.

Pages about Kelvedon Parish Council

  • About the Councillors - list of parish councillors and their contact details.
  • Committees - parish council committees and their membership.
  • Contact the Parish Clerk - how to contact the Parish Clerk and the powers and responsibilities of parish councils.
  • Emergency Planning - links to key council information about flooding and other emergencies.
  • Meetings - dates of parish council meetings, plus agendas and minutes.
  • News - news and consultations on the activities of the parish council.
  • Political Links - links to district, county and other useful government organisations.
  • Youth Forum - representing the youth community, to discuss issues, offer suggestions and make recommendations to the parish council.

Pages about Kelvedon village

  • Footpath Walks - circular walks of varying lengths and styles in the Kelvedon area.
  • Groups and Societies - local clubs and societies.
  • Local History - information about the local history of Kelvedon.
  • Village Services - local services such as schools, health and transport.
  • Visit Kelvedon - more about the village, including photos and maps.

Location of the Parish Council

Kelvedon Parish Council Chamber (The Old Fire Station)
102 High Street