My adventures in 2009

March 2009

Tatty Teady - Kids in Need Mascot 


Hello. I am 'Tatty Teddy' and I have kindly been donated to Kids in Need as their lucky mascot. I have been allocated this page and I hope to use it as a diary so that you can monitor my adventures.
I am very excited to meet the Kids in Need team. Have you seen them on the 'Committee' page yet? They look like they are very friendly.


5th April 2009 

I got to meet the Kids in Need committee today at one of their meetings and I am very impressed with the work they do. Did you know that they all give up their time for free? Not one person gets paid for the work they do which means that the majority of the money raised by Kids in Need goes straight to granting lots and lots of wishes. Now that's cool.


21st May 2009
Today was my first official outing as a Kids in Need mascot and I ended up playing golf at Bentley Golf Club.
The weather was lovely but I think I need to practise my golf swing as I did not win any of the competitions. Never mind, there is always the next golf day in July and if I practise lots, I will definitely get better. 
At Bentley Golf Club
Do you think I look smart in my Bentley Golf Club hat? 


25th May 2009

It has just dawned on me that I don't have a name. Can you imagine not having a name? How will I know when it'stimetocome in for supper or if my friends are calling me? Well the nice people on the Kids in Need Committee have come up with a plan to help. They will sell names for £1 each and at the Children's summer party in June, someone will pick one from the 100's of names purchased


June 2009

What a great weekend I have had. Not only did I attend the Kids in Need Summer Party where I got to meet lots of children who have had their wishes granted but I also now have a name.
My name is Stewart and it was purchased by Harvey and his parents. Thanks Harvey, I love my new name.
I also want to thank Grace for picking my name out and I hope she likes her small Tatty Teddy and it reminds her of me.
As you can see from some of the photo's,  I made lots of friends this weekend and if I'm very lucky I may even appear in a couple of local papers (the Brentwood Gazzette and the Essex Chronicle).
I hope everyone that attended the party had a great time. I know I did. x

 Me getting another big hug Me getting a great big hug Me with a new friend Just after I have been given my name Me with one of my many new friends


27th June 2009

I'm now in training for the 10 mile sponsored walk that is going to be held in Southend on Sunday 5thJuly. At first I could just about manage to walk to the supermarket and back but as I have been training every night after school, I can now walk 7 miles without getting out of breath. With just over a week to go, I'm sure I will be prepared enough to complete the 10 miles on the day.
Wish me luck!

5th July 2009

Wow, 10 miles is a long way and my poor feet are not happy with me but due to my training and the support of the people in Southend, I managed to complete all 10 miles of the sponsored walk. I have to say it felt great to finish knowing that all my hard work training paid off and that lots of money was raised to help grant even more wishes. My favourite part of the day was when I finally finished the walk and I tucked into some sandwiches and a piece of fruit cake!
Well done everyone that walked, sponsored us or came along to support.
Me walking with Debbie and Gemma After the walk getting some rest on the grass. Collecting money with Linda Me getting a big hug





13th September 2009

Last night was the Kids in Need quiz night and I can't believe how brainy everyone was. The night consisted of 8 rounds of questions as well as 2 marathon puzzles. I was good at the questions in the 'back to school' round and the committee members that work in a bank were excellent on the Currencies round! 
Below is a selection of the questions asked. Why not see how you would have done on the night...Good Luck.
1)   What is the most common street name in Britain?
2) Which British city has more miles of canal than Venice?
3) Which company uses the following advertising slogan:
   a) Tell 'em about the honey, mummy
   b) Connecting People.
   c) Made to make your mouth water.
4) Name the cop programme these couples appeared in?
   a) John Thaw & Denis Waterman
   b) David Soul & Paul Michael Glaser
   c) Felicity Kendall & Pam Ferris
5) What sport is the centre of the film Cinderella Man
6) What is the official currency of the following countries:
   a) Cyprus
   b) Japan
   C) Switserland 
If 24 = BBB in a P        is   24 Black Birds in a Pie     what is:
26 = L in the A
101 = WDD
57 = HV
12 = S of the Z
52 = C in a P
1) High Street, 2) Birmingham, 3a) Sugar Puffs, 3b) Nokia, 3c) Opal Fruits, 4a) The Sweeney, 4b) Starsky & Hutch, 4c) Rosemary & Thyme, 5) Boxing, 6a) Euro, 6b) Yen, 6c) Swiss Franc.
26 = L in the A     /    26 Letters in the Alphabet
101 = WDD          /     101 Walt Disney's Dalmatians
57 = HV             /     57 Heinz Varieties
12 = S of the Z   /      12 Signs of the Zodiac
52 = C in a P       /     52 Cards in a Pack.
12th October 2009
Yesterday was the wedding of two Kids in Need committee members; Marc and Emma. Emma looked stunning in her big white dress and Marc scrubbed up pretty well too!
The day was so much fun and everyone danced their socks off. I can't wait until I get married although maybe I should try and get a girlfriend first!
I wish Marc & Emma lots of best wishes as they start their life together. xxx
14th October 2009
Today I realised that there is only three and a half weeks until the Kids in Need Annual Black Tie Dinner Dance and I'm sooo excited. We have sold all the tickets to this event which is good news and if all the hard work and planning is anything to go by, it will be an amazing night. Good food, great music and lots of cool prizes to win. I can't wait.
9th November 2009
I went to my 1st Kids in Need Dinner Dance on Saturday night and I could not beleive how much fun it was. Not only did I get to dress up in a big bow tie, I also got to meet over 300 new friends who were there to support the Charity and help raise much needed funds.
During the champagne reception, I purchased a blue helium balloon (to match my bow tie) from one of the committee members and in order to find out what prize I had won I had to pop my balloon with a big pin. The 'bang'scared me but inside were shiny sprinkles and my winning ticket so it was worth it.
The rest of the evening was filled with dinner, dancing and other fund raising items such as an auction. The prizes in the auction were great and I can't believe how much some of them went for. Lots of money was raised and this was due to every ones generosity.
I had an amazing time and have already asked if I can attend next year!
Looking dapper at the Dinner Dance