My adventures during the year 2010

1st January 2010
Happy New Year to you all.
Can you believe that we are at the start of a new year? It's strange writing 2010 but I'm sure we will all get used to it pretty soon.
This year Kids in Need are looking to hold lots of fun fund raising events and in order to keep things fresh and new, I know they are looking to hold a Casino and Elvis night in March. It will be the first time this event has ever been held by Kids in Need and I know that everyone is working very hard planning it so that it not only runs smoothly but so that the evening is a huge success and lots of fun. Other events are to be confirmed so make sure that you check the calendar page to see what's coming up and how you can order tickets.
I hope you and Kids in Need have a fab 2010.
6th January 2010
How cool is it that it has snowed again and this time there is lots of it? I'm not sure how much snow you have were you live but my garden has about 5 inches. I am hoping that if the snow stays I will be allowed to go out on my toboggan in the park which I enjoy lots. I have to admit that playing in the snow is fun but my favourite part is when I have to come in and my mum makes me a hot chocolate drink with marshmallows in it to worm me up. It's only then that my paws start to thaw out and I realise just how cold it must be for snow to fall.
I hope your having fun in the snow too.




28th March 2010.

Has it really been that long since I last typed? Boy does time fly when your busy and having fun. Talking about 'fun', last night was the first Kids in Need fund raising event of 2010 and it was a really good night,The event was a casino night and there was a blackjack and roulette table. I could not master blackjack but managed to win 65 chips on the roulette table. Woo Hoo
Twice during the evening we were enteretained with caberet and in the 2nd half of the night, Elvis appeared in a red jumpsuit and blasted out some of his greatest hits. As always the food was superb and from all the people I spoke to, it seemed that everyone had an enjoyable night especially the 4 people that won the fab prizes.

Although the 1st prize was a 40 inch TV, I would have loved to have won the 2nd prize but that went to Laura. (see photo below)

Laura with her prize



22nd May 2010.


Had a great time at the Kids in Need Golf Day on Thursday. The weather was brilliant but unfortunatley my golf was not! 78 golfers turned up to play and from speaking to them, they all had a lovely day. I had a great ride on a golf buggy but probably need to take lessons as I almost headed straight into a bunker. I would have been in so much trouble had that happened. Woops!

I stayed for the meal after the golf and it was my favourite.........chicken, ham and leek pie. Yum, yum.  I'm really looking forward to the next golf day (where I hope to play better). I'll update you on how I do. Lets hope my extra golf lessons pay off.  

At the golf course How far??  




20th June 2010.


I went to the Kids in Need Reunion Party the other day where I got to meet lots of nice children that Kids in Need have granted wishes for (as well as their parents and siblings). The committee booked 3 big jumping castles and a lady turned up and painted peoples faces. She was very talented and made one girl look like a pretty butterfly. The boys tended to opt for being a pirate, a tiger or clowns. If you want, you can see the photo's on our photo album page.

We were very lucky to have Weininger Irwin (who was the 1992 Gladiator male champion) spend time with us and he got everyone up and dancing. Even the parents which was fun to see. As well as this, there was lots of soft toys to play with, an arts and craft room and DJ John played pop songs throughout the day.

At the end of the day, the local press arrived to take some photo's so hopefully we will all find ourselves in the paper in the next week or so...keep your eyes peeled.

Lots of people told me that they had an amazing day and that the committee members (who are all volunteers) do the charity proud and I for one agree. x x


Me at the party   Making lots of friends With some of the committee

13th October 2010

We have our Dinner Dance coming up soon (only 1 months time) and I am desperatly contacting my local shops to see if there is any prizes that they can donate to me to help Kids in Need raise money.  It has been a real struggle to get anything as times are difficult, but companies have really been great. I am shocked and suprised at some of the things I have managed to get.

I thought it would be tough for a bear like me, but if you try hard enough you can achieve anything.  I am still awaiting for responses from lots of companies, but I have managed to get prizes from Tottenham Hotspur, Thorntons (mmmm Chocolates), Hasbro (they have the best toys ever) and from Dorling Kindersley (They do so many books on everything you can imagine)

If you wanted to help me to get more prizes for our events, please can you contact Kids in Need and let us know.  I am always willing to accept any help as it is a big job for a small bear.


31st October 2010

I know that tonight is Halloween but last night was the Kids in Need race night and there was nothing scary about that. In fact it was a really fun evening where lots of adults got to place bets on horses and watch them run and see if they won.

My favourite part was reading the names of the horses that people put forward. Some of them were really funny. I really liked: IcePOPSicle, Wriggle Pants, Starlight, Fluff n; Puff, Princess Maisie, Aidens My Boy and Hugs & Kisses. My favourite race name was 'The Wild Goose Chase'. People really put a lot of thought into these names and thank you to everyone that paid to name and horse or race. Not only does the money help the charity to grant wishes but they made many of us laugh on the night.



20th November 2010

Hi Everyone. I wanted to let you all know of the wonderful time I had recently at our Annual Dinner Dance. In my top hat and bow-tie I looked very smart.

 Sitting near the entrance next to the Table Plan I could see all the beautiful ladies in their evening dresses coming in together with all of the handsome men in their dinner suits - it was a sight to behold. It was a proud evening for me knowing that I was participating in the raising of monies to help with the wishes for needy children.

I had a great time along with everyone else that came and look forward to seeing you in the future.




24th December 2010

It's Christmas Eve and I can't wait for Santa to deliver my presents. I have been a very good bear this year so hopefully he will bring me something nice. I have left out a mince pie for him to eat and I have also left out some carrots for the raindeer as I can only imagine it being hungry work visiting every childs house to deliver presents. I bet Santa is glad he only has to do the trip once a year.

I hope you have been good this year and I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. x x