My adventures this year - 2011

December 2011

New Year arriving

I can't beleive that we are already in December with 2012 fast approaching.  This year has been another busy but fun year.  The committee at Kids in Need have been able to bring lots of smiles to children's faces (as well as mine!) by granting them their wishes.  I do hope 2012 is as much fun and I get to meet lots more people and you can continue to follow my adventures.

Happy New Year X


November 2011

Dinner Dance

As I was getting myself dressed for this years dinner dance I was very excited.  Knowing that we had sold over 300 tickets this year I was going to see lots of friends, but also get the chance to make lots of new ones too.

At the event eveyone was very friendly and the room was noisy with excitement.  There were amazing prizes all around the room that people could win throughout the night.  My favourite was the stack of big toys.  Although there were lots I also wanted on the tombolla.

The dinner was really yummy and I think the best yet. (I cant wait to taste next years!!)

As well as having fun, the event raised lots of money which mean we can continue to grant wishes.

Hopefully when you get older you will be able to come along to our dinner dance


July 2011

Bishops Stortford Golf day

Once again I got invited to attend the golf day.  As usual there was lots of people who came along to play. (83 I am told, but I couldnt count them all, even though I did try)  I got breakfast in the morning which was yummy and then everyone went off to play.  I tried a couple of times, but kept missing the ball.  Everyone there was so good, so I just watched in the end.

At the end of the day there was an entertainer, auction and they gave prizes to the people who played well. 

The day was so much fun and we raised a huge £2,200.

Well done to everyone and dont forget to invite me to the next event. I will keep practicing my swing so I am better for next time.


July 2011

Reunion Party

Wow has it really been 3 months since I last typed? They say time flyes by when your having fun and they were not joking.

This month is  very busy for me as I have not only got the Kids in Need golf day to go to but last Sunday I was at the Kids in Need annual Reunion Party. As always I had a great time and made a lot of new friends. This year not as many children attended which was a shame as there was lots to do. My farourite was the jumpy assult course and the face painting but I did also like the arts and crafts area where I made a mask and the mini ball pool. Honestly there was so much to see and do that I did not know where to go first.

Everyone was super friendly from the Kids in Need committee to the extra helpers and the families that attended. I hope that all the children that came along had as much fun as me.

P.S. Thanks for all the cuddles that I got on the day.  I LOVE cuddles x


 Tatty Teddy 

P.S. I hope to add some more pictures of me with some of you very soon. 



April 2011

Race Night

Last week I helped to run a really interesting event. It was a race night at Farlop Waters in Barkingside. The committee had worked really hard to sell lots of tickets so we were expecting lots of people on the night.

Setting up the hall was quite hard as there was lots that needed to be done to transfer it from an empty room into a racing room. We had to put up and lay tables, set up the projector screen and also prepare all of the food. Once this was all completed some guests started to arrive.

It was not long at all before the room was full of people and it was great to see many old and new faces supporting us. The Chairperson Jo, welcomed the guests and told them about Kids in Need and then she let Dave explain about how it all worked. It seemed very confusing at first, but everyone seemed to know what they were doing. (I was not allowed to bet, as I am too little)

There were 4 races that people had bet on and then there was a break for food. This was my favourite time as there was lots of nice things I like to eat like cheeses, meats, crisps, bread and even gherkins (Yummy)

Once we had all eaten and cleared up the food, the final 4 races happened and people carried on betting because they had either been very lucky and won lots, or not very lucky and really wanted to win. At the end of the night people seemed very happy and said to me that they had really enjoyed themselves. I was very proud of the Committee and pleased that everyone had fun.

The night was great and we made over £1,800 (I was told to tell you it is profit!)

Thanks to you all for coming and I hope that I will meet you again soon. X


March 2011

Barclays Chairman's Awards

I got to go out to the Barclays headquarters in Canary Wharf last week and it was amazing.  The event I went to was the Chairman's Awards.  This is to recognise Barclays staff who have done really great things with charities.  The event was very high up in the building and when I went up in the lift my ears popped!  There was lots of people there when I arrived and everyone was very excited.  There were only 10 awards being given out, but over 35 different people there hoping to win.  The reason I was invited along was because our Vice Chairperson (Gemma Scoines) was nominated for one of the awards.

A welcome speach was given and the room went very quiet, you could tell people were excited and nervous as they didnt know if they would win or not. Gemma stood next to me and I could tell she was nervous.  There were going to be 5 Team Achievement of the Year and 5 Individual Achievement of the Year awards.  They started with the Individual Achievement of the Year awards and the first 3 winners were called up to collect their awards and then it happened, they called Gemma up.  She had actually won.  We clapped and watched as she went up to collect her prize.  She looked very emotional but happy.  It was so nice to be able to join her for this.  I have been told that she chose Kids in Need for her prize donation to go to, so that is another £500 to help us grant wishes, which is fab.

Well done Gemma and Good Luck for then next stage.  If you get to go to the next awards ceremony, can I come again???