Adventures 2012

24th June 2012

I can't believe it, another year with a great turn out.  We had our fun day today.  If this doesnt sound like something we have done before, it's because we re-named the reunion.  We decided it was a great event to invite not just people we have supported in the past, but people who we were going to support.  It was such a fun day.  The weather was warm and the sun came out for us all.  The rain stayed away too for most of the time which was good, so it meant I could play on the bouncing castles as well as meet all the lovely children.

This year there was also some new fun stuff.  I got some great glitter tattoes which everyone loved, as there was always a queue for them.  I also played with the arts & crafts and the toy cars.  However, my best bit was when everyone arrived they all got given a gift to take home.  Seeing all of our friends smiling really made me happy.

Throughout the day there was lots of helper and I got to meet most of them, but I want to say a big thank you to Euromedical Ambulance Services, who looked after me when I had a fall. 

All of the children who I talked to had a great time and the families got to talk too.  At the end we had a raffle for a big teddy just like me.  One little girl called Katie was very excited about being the teddies mummy and people were buying extra tickets just to giver her more chances.  I couldnt beleive my eyes and ears when the winning ticket was pulled out...........Katie won.  She was so very happy and I nearly cried with excitement.  I knew that she was going to take good care of him.  The day was so much fun and I cant wait to meet everyone again soon.  Thanks for coming XxX


24th May 2012

I had a very busy day last Thursday as I got to spend the day with the lovely people at Bentley Golf Club. I wasn't allowed to play any golf as I am too young but everyone I met on the day had a brilliant time with the sun shining and quite a few people looked a bit red at the end of the day. I then joined everyone for a four course dinner, but I wasn't very hungry and by that time I was feeling quite tired, it had been a very long day.


30th April 2012

Wow, I can't believe how time has flown.  I am sorry I haven't updated my diary before now.  You must be wondering what has been going on with me.  I have been really busy with helping out at our events and am excited to say I am also planning this year's events too.

I was really excited to hear that our committee (including me) got invited to go and see a play at the local theatre that was produced by and starring David Martin.  David is a very lovely boy who we granted a wish for 10 years ago (I wasn't quite born then, so sounds a long time ago to me)  He wanted to go on the set of the Bill and meet the cast and Kids in Need made this happen for him.  He was so happy that he decided that he wanted to be an actor.  To know that 10 years later he has made his dreams come true.  I am told the show was amazing (I couldnt go as it was past my bed time)  There was lots of great dancing and singing which I would have loved.  Well done David, I cant wait to meet you.

This year is also our 30th year (WOW)  so we are planning lots of exciting activities.  We are already planning the "fun day" this year.  It was previously the reunion party, but we wanted to be able to invite new friends as well as old ones, so look out for your invites if you are in touch with us.

I am also helping to plan the annual Dinner Dance.  We are making is a super special event and I have been promised that I can stay awake for the whole event (I am really excited about that)  I have been told to try and get prizes for the event, but I am not sure where to start, so if you can help me in any way, please do.  I will come back soon with a new update as I am also going to the golf day and I always get to ride around in the golf buggy. Look out for my photos!!

1st January 2012

I had a great new year and hope you did too.  We have the Kids in Need Annual General Meeting coming up shortly, so we will have some new people in the different senior roles.  Look out for the changes on the website.  I am excited to see who will take a different role.